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The Publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

Ada Letters is a technical publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada, providing an information interchange forum on all aspects of high reliability and safety critical software development, Ada and other high integratity languages and related technologies, including usage, education, standardization, design methods and compiler implementation.


Access Ada Letters in the ACM Digital Library

All SIGAda members who have an ACM web account (which is free) can freely access all issues of Ada Letters back to 1981 in the ACM Digital Library. In some issues, to access SIGAda related articles such as the Chair's Letter (appearing in every issue), the Bylaws, and activities of the Working Groups, conferences, etc., you must scan the contents of Frontmatter and/or Backmatter.

Old Issues — available in SIGAda website (Articles linked from Table of Contents)

2014: December 2014 (Proceedings of HILT 2014),   August 2014 (PDF),   April 2014 (PDF)
2013: December 2013 (Proceedings of HILT 2013),   August 2013 (PDF),   April 2013 (PDF)
2012: December 2012 (Proceedings of HILT 2012),   August 2012 (PDF),   April 2012 (PDF)
2011: December 2011 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2011),   August 2011,   April 2011
2010: December 2010 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2010),   August 2010,   April 2010
2009: December 2009 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2009),   August 2009,   April 2009
2008: December 2008 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2008),   August 2008,   April 2008
2007: December 2007 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2007),   August 2007 — Papers of the 13th International Real-Time Ada Workshop (IRTAW-13),   April 2007
2006: December 2006 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2006),   August 2006,   April 2006
2005: December 2005 (Proceedings of SIGAda 2005),   September 2005,   June 2005,   March 2005
2004: December (Proceedings of SIGAda 2004),   September 2004,   June 2004,   March (Proceedings of SIGAda 2003)
2003: December,   September,   June,   March (Proceedings of SIGAda 2002)
2002: December,   September,   June,   March
2001: December (Proceedings of SIGAda 2001),   September,   June,   March
2000: December,   September,   June,   March
1999: March (Table of Contents only)

Editorial Policy

Ada Letters is now published two times a year, with the exception of special issues. The submission deadlines for all material other than articles (which must be submitted much earlier) are as follows:

Deadline Issue
April 1st June Issue
October 1st December Issue

Letters, announcements and book reviews should be sent directly to the Technical Editor and will normally appear in the next corresponding issue.

Guidelines for Authors

Proposed articles are to be submitted to the Technical Editor, preferably via e-mail. Any article will be considered for publication, provided that topic is of interest to the SIGAda membership. Previously published articles are welcome, provided permission is granted by the previous publisher or copyright holder.

Although Ada Letters is not a refereed publication, acceptance is subject to the review and discretion of the Technical Editor. In order to appear in a particular issue, articles must be submitted far enough in advance of the deadline to allow for review/edit cycles. Backlogs may result in an article's being delayed for two or more issues. Contact the Technical Editor for information on the current publishing queue.

Articles should be submitted electronically in PDF (after acceptance, manuscript sources will be required). All submissions must be formatted for US Letter paper (8.5" x11" ) with 1" margins with no numbers, headers or footers. Full justification of text is preferred, with a proportional font of no less than 10 points. Code insertions should be presented in a non-proportional font (e.g. Courier).

The title should be centered, followed by author information (also centered). The author's name, organization name and address, telephone number, and e-mail address should be given. For previously published articles, please give an introductory statement (in a distinctive font) or a footnote on the first page, identifying the previous publication.

Notice to Contributing Authors to SIG Newsletters

As a contributing author, you retain copyright to your article. ACM will refer all requests for republication directly to you. By submitting your article for distribution in any newsletter of the ACM Special Interest Groups, you hereby grant to ACM the following non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide rights:

Furthermore, you affirm that:

Notice to Past Authors of ACM-Published Articles

ACM intends to create a complete electronic archive of all articles and/or other material previously published by ACM. If you have a work that has been previously published by ACM in any journal or conference proceedings prior to 1978, or any SIG Newsletter at any time, and you do NOT want this work to appear in the ACM Digital Library, please inform, stating the title of the work, the author(s), and where and when published.

Back Issues

Back issues of Ada Letters can be ordered at the price of $6.00 per issue for ACM or SIGAda members; and $9.00 per issue for non-ACM members. Information on availability, contact the ACM Order Department at 1-800-342-6626 or 410-528-4261. Checks and credit cards only are accepted and payment must be enclosed with the order. Specify volume and issue number as well as date of publication. Orders must be sent to ACM Order Department, P. O. Box 12114, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10257 or via FAX: 301528-8550.

Key Contacts

Technical Editor

Luis Miguel Pinho, Ph.D.
Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Phone: +351-22-8340500
Email: LPINHO at ACM dot ORG

Managing Editor

Alok Srivastava, Ph.D.
80 M Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: +1 202.314.1419
Email: Alok.Srivastava at SAIC.Com or ASrivastava at Yahoo.Com

Last Update: 29 November 2019