Ada Letters--August 2006

Volume XXVI       Number 2     August 2006

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Newsletter Information (2.3 MBytes)

From the Editor’s Desk
Editorial Policy
Key Contacts

SIGAda Annual Report

Annual Report July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006 by SIGAda Chair John W. McCormick (1.2 MBytes)


Reviewed Articles

Publisher Framework (PFW) by Judith Klein, Drasko Sotirovski (4.1 MBytes)

Comparing Java, C# and Ada Monitors queuing policies: a case study and its Ada refinement by Claude Kaiser, Jean-François Pradat-Peyre, Sami Évangelista, Pierre Rousseau (5.7 MBytes)

Real Time Ada Issues

Ada Issue 354 Group Execution-Time Budgets (3.7 MBytes)

Ada Issue 355 Priority Specific Dispatching including Round Robin (4.4 MBytes)

Ada Issue 357 Support for Deadlines and Earliest Deadline First Scheduling (3.3 MBytes)

Ada Issue 394 Redundant Restriction Identifiers and completing Ravenscar definition (2.2 MBytes)

Ada Software Reuse

Reusable Software Components by Trudy Levine (3.4 MBytes)

Ada Conference Report

Ada Conference UK 2006 (1.6 MBytes)

Conference Announcements

SIGAda 2006 Information

Ada Europe 2007 CFP

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