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High Integrity Language Technology
ACM SIGAda’s Annual International Conference

From the Model to the Target to Certification Trends in growing use of code from model based development systems in high integrity environments

Jay Thomas


This presentation will discuss the trend in which an increasing portion of embedded code in high integrity environments is directly derived from models. This has been driven in part due to high fidelity modeling tools and code generation tools. These tools are extremely powerful in making sure embedded code matches the model, even in cases in which the model and the application are rapidly changing. In safety critical environments, however, these tools in and of themselves are not adequate for system verification. They must be paired with embedded target-verification tools and matched with appropriate process standard goals. LDRAs experience in high integrity environments makes it a key tool to support independent verification of these models.

We will discuss how tools automate best practices to track code from the model to the target, ensuring that verification tasks such as code coverage are completed correctly. In addition, requirements traceability capabilities ensure that all of the elements are adequately connected. This is particularly important with process standards such as DO-178C, which require specific model based elements to be connected to specific verification tasks and results. This workflow will be discussed in depth in the context of both DO-178C and other process standards.

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