Conference Notes
ACM SIGAda Annual International Conference
(SIGAda 2000)

November 12-16, 2000

Johns Hopkins University /
Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, MD

Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

In cooperation with
Ada Europe

Hosted by Baltimore and DC SIGAda Chapters

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Table of Contents

The following are organized by track. The schedule of presentations for each track was taken from the Advanced Program. Please refer to the Final Program to verify times and dates of tracks; some scheduling changes may have occurred after these were published.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Opening Plenary Session

Welcome - Currie Colket, General Chair
Conference Overview - Franco Gasperoni, Program Chair

Whither Ada? State of the Ada Address
(Abstract) (Presentation)
Ben Brosgol (Ada Core Technologies), SIGAda Chair

A Perspective on the State of Distributed Real-Time Research and Practice
E. Douglas Jensen (MITRE)

Distributed Systems

Real-time and Embedded CORBA Technology Update for Ada (Abstract) (Presentation) (B&W Presentation) Brad Balfour (Objective Interface Systems, Inc.)
Taming the Powers of the Dark Side: Empowering Ada on the Desktop with COM/DCOM and ActiveX (Abstract) David Botton (Interactive Intelligence, Inc.)

Ada & Software Engineering - 1
Session Chair: David Harrison

Describing Architectures (Abstract) (Architecture Tutorial) (Annotated Presentation) David Emery (MITRE)
A Successful Example of a Layered-Architecture Based Embedded Development with Ada 83 for Standard-Missile Control (Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation) Kelly L. Spicer (Raytheon Missile Systems)

Plenary Session
Session Chair: Franco Gasperoni

Ada & Embedded/Real Time Linux
(Abstract) (Presentation)
Professor Ted Baker (Florida State University)

Standardization Issues / Ada & Academia
Session Chair: Robert Knapper

Ada Standardization Status and Issues (Abstract) (Presentation) James W. Moore (MITRE)
Ada as a Foundation Programming Language: Starting Off on the Right Foot (Abstract) (Presentation) Michael B. Feldman (George Washington University)

Ada & Java
Session Chair: Brian Dobbing

Why Your Next Embedded CPU Should Provide Hardware Support for Multitasking and Multiple Virtual Machines (Abstract) (Presentation, 2.1MBytes) David S. Hardin (aJile Systems, Inc.)
Ada 95 on the JVM: Tea for Two and Two for Tea (Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation, 2.5MBytes) Franco Gasperoni (ACT Europe)

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Plenary Session
Session Chair: Ben Brosgol

SIGAda Awards
Hal Hart (TRW, Inc.), Past Chair, ACM SIGAda

The ACM Position on Licensing Software Engineers
(Workshop Abstract) (Workshop Paper)
David Emery (MITRE)

Open Source / Free Software Issues
(Abstract) (Presentation)
Robert B. K. Dewar (Ada Core Technologies)

High Integrity Systems
Session Chair: Bard Crawford

High Integrity Software for High Integrity Systems
(Abstract) (Presentation)
George Romanski (Verocel)
Safety Critical Systems Based on Formal Models (Abstract) (Paper) Lars Asplund (Asplund Data AB)

Ada Experience
Session Chair: Franco Gasperoni

Using Ada for Semiconductor Assembly Equipment (Abstract) (Presentation) Wiljan Derks (Industrial and Technological Engineering Centre)
Using Ada in Interactive Digital Television Systems (Abstract) (Presentation) Thierry Lelegard (Canal+ Technologies)

Plenary Session
Session Chair: Bill Thomas

  Air Traffic Management in the 21st Century
Judith Klein (Lockheed Martin), Jonathan Dehn (Lockheed Martin)

The SPARK Way to Correctness is Via Abstraction
(Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation)
John Barnes

High Integrity Systems
Session Chair: John McCormick

Industrial Experience with SPARK (Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation, 4.7MBytes) Dr. Roderick Chapman (Praxis Critical Systems Limited)
Building Partitioned Architectures Based on the Ravenscar Profile (Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation, 1.2MBytes) Brian Dobbing (Aonix, Inc.)

Session Chair: Paul Stachour

Generation of Documentation using ASIS Tools (Abstract) (Paper) (Presentation) Steven V. Hovater (Rational Software)
Gtk Marries Ada: The GUI Technology Revolution (Abstract) (Presentation) Arnaud Charlet (ACT Europe)

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Session Chair: Ron Oliver

Real-Time Systems Programming with GNAT and OpenRavenscar (Abstract) (Presentation) Juan Antonio de la Puente (Technical University of Madrid)
New Developments in Run-Time Profiles in Ada 95 (Abstract) (HTML Slides) (Presentation, 2.6MBytes) Joyce Tokar (DDC-I)

Ada & Software Engineering
Session Chair: Paul Stachour

Why We Still Have Difficulty Achieving Software Quality (Abstract) (Presentation, 9.5MBytes) (B&W Presentation, 1.9MBytes) David A. Cook (C. S. Draper Laboratory)
Ada Code Analysis: Technology, Experience, and Issues (Abstract) (Presentation) (B&W Presentation) C. Daniel Cooper (Boeing)

Session Chair: Robert Leif

Ada Tasking: From the Ravenscar Profile to Dynamic Scheduling (Abstract) (Presentation) Professor Alan Burns (University of York)
Using Ada95 to Build Software for a Gigabit Layer 7 IP Networking Device: Ada's No Big Deal Anymore (Abstract) (Presentation) Mike Kamrad (Top Layer Networks, Inc.)

Ada Resources
Session Chair: Clyde Roby

Ada and Software Engineering Community Resources (Presentation, 5.8MBytes) Richard Conn (Lockheed Martin)

Plenary Session
Session Chair: Currie Colket

Language Issues for Ada's Future
(Abstract) (Presentation)
S. Tucker Taft (Averstar, Inc.)

Welcome from the SIGAda, Conference, and Program Committee Chairs

Message from the SIGAda Chair

ACM's Special Interest Group on Ada (SIGAda) is an international group dedicated to exploring the technical, business, and educational issues related to the Ada programming language. Chartered in 1981, we have continuously served an essential role in the Ada community with enthusiastic Working Groups, a timely and relevant newsletter, and a tradition of high-caliber, exciting conferences. As Chair of SIGAda, I welcome you to SIGAda 2000 where you will learn about new Ada-related developments from the experts in the field. The successor to the annual TRI-Ada exposition, SIGAda 2000 is this year's largest Ada-focused conference, drawing participants worldwide from all segments of the software industry. In addition to the high-quality technical papers, you will see the latest offerings from Ada vendors in the exhibition hall, and you will have opportunities to participate in any of several focused workshops and timely Birds-of-a-Feather sessions -- watch the bulletin board for announcements. You have made the right decision to attend SIGAda 2000; you won't be disappointed!

SIGAda Chair
Ben Brosgol
Ada Core Technologies

Message from the Conference and Program Chairs

For the year 2000, SIGAda is featuring an innovative program comprising thirty invited speakers that are playing an important role in the Ada community.

The program focuses on breakthroughs and innovations that make Ada 95 an attractive technology for the design and implementation of tomorrow's distributed, real-time, and embedded systems. As software challenges remain dominant in these domains, we are confident the thirty technical presentations will help you understand how Ada allows you to solve tomorrow's programming challenges.

We thank our early Corporate Sponsors: Ada Core Technologies, The Ada Resource Association, Aonix, Avilar, DCS, DDC-I, Rational, and Top Graph'X for their generous support for the conference and for helping already guarantee its success.

We are happy to see you in Laurel at SIGAda 2000.

For the SIGAda 2000 Conference Committee,

General Chair
Currie Colket

Program Chair
Franco Gasperoni
ACT Europe

Conference Officers

Currie Colket, General Chair,
MITRE (Colket@MITRE.Org)

Franco Gasperoni, Program Chair,
ACT Europe (

Hal Hart, Exhibits Chair and Conference Treasurer,
TRW (Hal.Hart@ACM.Org) +1-310-764-6880

David Cook, Tutorial Chair,
C.S. Draper Laboratory (CookD@Software.Hill.AF.Mil)

David Harrison, Publicity Chair,
Logicon Technology Solutions (DHarrison@Logicon.Com)

William Thomas, Publicity Co-Chair,

Thomas A. Panfil, Registration Chair,
U.S. Department of Defense (TAPanfil@IEEE.Org)

Clyde Roby, Proceedings Editor,
Institute for Defense Analyses (ClydeRoby@ACM.Org)

Alok Srivastava, Workshops Chair,
TRW (Alok.CTR.Srivastava@FAA.Gov)

Michael Feldman, Education WG Chair
George Washington University (MFeldman@SEAS.GWU.Edu)

Rush Kester, Local Arrangements Chair,
JHU/APL (Rush.Kester@JHUAPL.Edu)