Introduction of Conference Officers and SIGAda Officers

Currie Colket

Mr. Currie Colket is the Chair of ACM SIGAda, the Chair of the SIGAda Ada Semantic Working Group, and the Chair of the ISO WG9 ASIS Rapporteur Group. He recently retired from the DoD where he served in the Air Force as an Airborne Surveillance Officer on AWACS and a computer scientist for the United States Navy. Mr. Colket is currently a software systems engineer for MITRE. His current tasks involve code analysis using ASIS-based tools. In this capacity, he has addressed the use of Ada exceptions for both code development and operational use. Prior to his affiliation with MITRE, he was a consultant for the Software Program Manager's Network (SPMN). He has a Bachelor of Science from Case Institute of Technology, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Ohio State University.