Targeting Ada95/DSA for Distributed Simulation of Multiprotocol Communication Networks

Dhavy Gantsou

Dr. Dhavy Gantsou is associate professor of computer science at the university of Valenciennes, France. His research interests are in the areas of internetworking, network security, distributed computing, and real-time systems.

Dr. Gantsou's efforts are focused on Quality of service(QoS) routing in next generation networks. Among his current works are designing and developing mechanisms and methods to support object-based real-time distributed routing protocols, building and testing protocol prototypes. One aspect of emphasis is to investigate how Ada95, its distributed and real-time annex, as well as CORBA and Java/RMI can be used to optimal effect to implement object-based real-time distributed routing protocols that deliver performance and several levels of QoS.

Dhavy Gantsou
University of Valenciennes
59313 Valenciennes cedex 9

Phone: +33.327.511.944
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