Implementing a Product-Line Based Architecture in Ada

Joel Sherrill

Dr. Sherrill is Director of Research and Development for OAR Corporation with 15 years experience in the design, development, and fielding of real-time embedded applications in a variety of military, commercial, and research domains. As a principal author and current maintainer of the open-source real-time operating system RTEMS, he has been deeply involved in numerous RTEMS related efforts including the GNAT/RTEMS validation. He is a founding member of the Steering Committee for the Free Software Foundation's GNU Compiler Collection. As an experienced software developer, Dr. Sherrill has also focused on the practical application of software engineering research to the everyday life of the developer. In this light, he is a member of OAR's SEPG and has led process improvement and implementation efforts on a number of projects.

Joel Sherrill
Director of Research and Development
OAR Corporation
4910-L Corporate Drive
Huntsville AL 35805 USA
Phone: (256) 722-9985
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