Using Ada 95 in a Compiler Course

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Panel: The Making of ISO/IEC 8652: Ada 2005

S. Tucker Taft

S. Tucker Taft is Chief Technology Officer for AverCom Corp. AverCom is a subsidiary of Titan Corp focused on system integration for web-based systems. AverCom was formed from the Commercial Division of AverStar (formerly known as "Intermetrics").

Mr. Taft graduated from Harvard College in 1975 with a bachelor's in Chemistry, Summa Cum Laude, and then worked four years for Harvard in the student computer center, managing the first Unix system that was installed outside of AT&T. Thereafter he worked one year as a private consultant, and then in 1980 joined AverStar (then known as "Intermetrics"). From 1980 to 1990, he participated in the development of the Ada Integrated Environment for the Air Force, a commercial C cross-compiler, the Common APSE Interface Set (CAIS), and an Ada binding to SQL (SAME). From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Taft led the Ada 9X language design team, culminating in the February 1995 approval of Ada 95 as the first ISO standardized object-oriented programming language. More recently, Mr. Taft led the development of AverCom's Ada 95 compiler technology, "AdaMagic," AverCom's Ada/Java compiler, "AppletMagic," and AverCom's Java/XML-based Web Portal technology.