ACM SIGAda Annual International Conference
(SIGAda 2002)

December 8-12, 2002

Houston at Clear Lake
Holiday Inn Houston/NASA
Houston, TX

Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

In cooperation with
Ada Europe

Hosted by Clear Lake SIGAda Chapter

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Table of Contents

These Proceedings are organized by the schedule of presentations from the Final Program. Most of the presentations are included here as Microsoft's PowerPoint Show (.pps) files; exceptions are noted when they occur.

All of the original Conference Papers are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) file format. They are as close as possible to the papers that appear in the hardcopy SIGAda 2002 Conference Proceedings; they even contain the same page numbers where they appear in the Proceedings document. Note that there was a cancellation; however the papers are still included here, however, and names and authors are indicated by red text.

A couple authors submitted more or updated information of their original submission at the SIGAda 2002 Conference. This was done either through a a digital medium (diskette or CD-ROM) or via email for the final version of this CD-ROM. These are all indicated below by "Later Submission".

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Salih Yurttas, General Chair
Introduction of Conference Officers and SIGAda Officers
Currie Colket, SIGAda Chair
(PowerPoint Show)

Keynote Address

The Impact of Free/Open Source Software on Software Engineering
Robert Dewar (Ada Core Technologies)
(PowerPoint Show)

Industrial Strength Exception Freedom (Paper) (PDF Slide Show) Peter Amey and Roderick Chapman (Praxis Critical Systems, Ltd.)
Ada, CMM Level 4, and the C-130J Aircraft (HTML Presentation) Richard Conn (Lockheed Martin)
Abstract Interpretation Applied to Static Run-Time Error Detection (PDF Slide Show, 1.17 MBytes) Chris Hote (PolySpace Technologies)

Invited Paper: The National Ignition Facility: Early Operational Experience with a Large Ada Control System (Abstract) (Paper, 1.64 MBytes) (PowerPoint Show, 118 MBytes) Robert Carey, Paul J. Van Arsdall, and John P. Woodruff (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory)
Development of Distributed, Cross-Platform Simulator (Paper) (HTML Presentation) (PowerPoint Show) (.sxi Presentation) Thomas C. Brooke
COTS Safety Critical Solutions (PowerPoint Show, 3.87 MBytes) Greg Gicca (Aonix)

WG9 Forum

S. Tucker Taft (SofCheck, Inc.)
(PowerPoint Show)
WG9 is working to amend the Ada language to support the needs of the user community. A WG9 representative will provide a briefing on the plans for amending the Ada language for the 2005 timeframe. This presentation will nurture thinking about Ada language issues and their proposed solutions. It will prepare conference attendees for the events on Thursday morning when WG9 gathers feedback on the proposed solutions.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

SIGAda Awards - Currie Colket

Keynote Address

Ada: One Maverickís Perspective of Itís Past, Present and Future
[Definitions: "Maverick: 1) an unbranded animal; 2) a person not labeled as belonging to any one party, faction, etc. who acts independently" specially in Texas]
Charles McKay (University of Houston at Clear Lake)
(PowerPoint Show)

Weaving Ada 95 Into the .Net Environment (Paper) (PowerPoint Show) (additional information) Martin C. Carlisle, Ricky E. Sward, & Jeffrey W. Humphries (U.S. Air Force Academy)
An Architectural Framework for Supporting Distributed Object Based Routing (Paper) (Later Submission) (PowerPoint Show) Dhavy Gantsou (University of Valenciennes)
Visual Ada Developer (Paper) Leonid Dulman (DES Inc.)

Keynote Address

The Essence of Information Assurance and Why It is Important to the Ada Community (Paper)
Michael McEvilley (Decisive Analytics Corporation)
The Anatomy of an FAA-Qualifiable Ada Subset Compiler (Paper) (PowerPoint Show) V. Santhanam (Boeing)
Solutions for Deploying Embedded Ada Software (PowerPoint Show, 1.15 MBytes) Eddie Glenn (Rational Software)

Creating a Symbiotic Relationship Between XML and Ada (Paper) (PowerPoint Show) Robert C. Leif (Ada_Med)
Developing a Generic Genetic Algorithm (Paper) (Later Submission) (PowerPoint Show) Melvin Neville and Anaika Sibley (Northern Arizona University)
Experimental Performance Analysis of Ada95 and Java Parallel Programs on SMP Systems (Paper) Dmitry Korochkin and Sergey Korochkin (National Technical University of Ukraine)
SafeBuild for Critical Software Developments (PowerPoint Show) Pierre Dissaux (TNI-Valiosys)

Thursday, December 12, 2002

WG9 Forum

S. Tucker Taft (SofCheck, Inc.)
(PowerPoint Show)
WG9 will conduct workshops to address the five major areas where enhancements to the Ada Language are projected:
  • Real Time Features
  • High Integrity Features
  • Static Error Detection
  • Interfaces to Other Languages
  • Object Oriented Features
SIGAda 2002 attendees have the opportunity to discuss alternatives and provide feedback for the evolution of Ada.
At the conference, Tucker divided the SIGAda 2002 audience into two groups who then met separately for about an hour. Each group discussed issues for their particular area. The two groups then came back to the plenary session to give a synopsis of their group's results. The two groups and their results were:

Forum: SIGAda, Its Mission and Future

Currie Colket (SIGAda Chair) and David Harrison (SIGAda Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences)