ACM SIGAda Annual International Conference (SIGAda 2003)
SIGAda 2003
ACM SIGAda Annual International Conference

December 7-11, 2003

Hanalei Red Lion Hotel
San Diego, CA

Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

In cooperation with
Ada Europe

Hosted by the San Diego SIGAda Chapter

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Table of Contents

These Proceedings are organized by the schedule of presentations from the Final Program. Most of the presentations are included here as Adobe's PDF files; exceptions are noted when they occur. File sizes are present if they exceed 500 KBytes.

All of the original Conference Papers are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) file format. They are as close as possible to the papers that appear in the hardcopy SIGAda 2003 Conference Proceedings; they even contain the same page numbers where they appear in the Proceedings document. Note that there was a cancellation; the papers are still included here, however, and names and authors are indicated by red text.

Tuesday, December 9

SIGAda 2003 Welcome
Currie Colket, SIGAda Chair
(Presentation, 1,543 KBytes)   Letter (PDF)
Welcome from Conference Chair
Robert Leif, Conference Chair
SIGAda 2003 Conference Announcements
Ricky Sward, Program Chair

Keynote Address

The Soul of a New Machine (Revisited)
Joyce Tokar (Pyrrhus Software)

Multilanguage Programming with Ada in the .NET Environment (Paper) (Presentation) Jeffrey W. Humphries (USAF Academy), Martin C. Carlisle (USAF Academy), and Terry A. Wilson (USAF Academy)
Static Verification and Extreme Programming (Paper) (Presentation) Peter Amey (Praxis Critical Systems) and Roderick Chapman (Praxis Critical Systems)
SCADE Suite Presentation (Vendor Presentation, 2,061 KBytes) Mark Sorrels (Esterel Technologies)

AdaSlicer: An Ada Program Slicer (Paper) (Presentation) Ricky E. Sward (USAF Academy) and A.T. Chamillard (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)
Verifying Linear Time Temporal Logic Properties of Concurrent Ada Programs with Quasar (Paper) (Presentation) Sami Evangelista (Cedric-Cnam Paris), C. Kaiser (Cedric-Cnam Paris), J.F. Pradat-Peyre (Cedric-Cnam Paris), and Pierre Rousseau (Cedric-Cnam Paris)
Model-Driven Development for Real-Time Embedded Applications (Vendor Presentation, 504 KBytes) Dennis Andrews (I-Logix) and Martin Bakal (I-Logix)
OO Support for AADL and HOOD (Vendor Presentation) Tony Elliston (TNI Europe)

Keynote Address

Ada and Real-Time Java: Cooperation, Competition, or Cohabitation?
Ben Brosgol (Ada Core Technologies)
(Presentation, 513 KBytes)

A DSA Model for Data Access in Self-Organizing Systems (Paper) (Presentation) Dhavy Gantsou (Univ of Valenciennes)
AdaTEST95 and Global Data Checking (Vendor Presentation) Ian Gilchrist (Quality Checked Software)

Conference Reception / Screening
Enjoy the screening of "To Dream Tomorrow",
a documentary on the life of Ada,
produced by Flare Productions, Inc.

Wednesday, December 10

SIGAda Awards
Currie Colket
(Presentation)   Letter (PDF)
9th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies Ada-Europe 2004
Dirk Craeynest

Keynote Address

Major Trends (Security, Open Source Software, Lowered Development Time) and Ada
David A. Wheeler (Institute for Defense Analyses)
(Presentation, 543 KBytes)

Ada's Birthday Celebration

European Air Traffic Flow Management: Porting a Large Application to GNU/Linux (Paper) (Presentation) Gaetan Allaert (Thales IS), Dirk Craeynest (Aubay Belgium), and Philippe Waroquiers (Eurocontrol)
Experiences in Developing a Typical Web Database Application (Paper) (Presentation) Jean-Pierre Rosen (Adalog)
A Framework for Designing and Implementing the Ada Standard Container Library (Paper) (Presentation) Jordi Marco (Univ Politecnica de Catalunya) and Xavier Franch (Univ Politecnica de Catalunya)

Work Programme of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 (Ada) (Presentation) Jim Moore (MITRE Corporation; Convenor of WG9)
An Introduction to the Ravenscar Profile (Presentation) Tullio Vardanega (UniversitÓ di Padova and a member of the WG9 HRG)

An Invitation to Ada 2005 (Presentation) Pascal Leroy (IBM; Chair of the WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group)

Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) and Workshops
APIWG plenary, Birds of a Feather Clyde Roby (APIWG Acting Chair)
SIGAda's Approach to the Management of Ada Bindings to Application Program Interfaces (APIs) (Presentation) Clyde Roby (APIWG Acting Chair)
New JTC1 Mode of Operation: International Workshops (Presentation) James Moore (WG9 Convenor)
APIWG XML subgroup, Birds of a Feather Robert Leif (APIWG XML Subgroup Chair)
Ada XML Bindings (Presentation) Robert Leif (APIWG XML Subgroup Chair)
ASISWG, Birds of a Feather Currie Colket (ASISWG Chair)
ASIS Workshop - Organizing for an ASIS for Ada 05 (Presentation) Currie Colket (ASISWG Chair)

Thursday, December 11

A Practical Comparison Between Java and Ada in Implementing a Real-Time Embedded System (Paper) (Presentation) Eric Potratz (Univ of Northern Iowa)
Ada Core Technologies - Product Update (Vendor Presentation, 655 KBytes) Ed Schonberg (Ada Core Technologies)
Adventures in Porting Rational Apex to Linux (Vendor Presentation) Geoff Smith (IBM/Rational)
Making Ideas a Reality: Safety Crritical and COTS Solutions (Vendor Presentation, 1,022 KBytes) Greg Gicca (Aonix)
Best Student Paper Award Michael Feldman (Chair of SIGAda Education Working Group)
Measuring Cohesion of Packages in Ada 95 (Paper) Baowen Xu (Southeast Univ, China), Zhenqiang Chen (Jiangsu Inst of Software Quality), and Jianjun Zhao (De Monfor Univ, England)

The Case for Ada at the USAF Academy (Paper, 1,185 KBytes) (Presentation) Ricky E. Sward (USAF Academy), Martin C. Carlisle (USAF Academy), Barry Fagin (USAF Academy), and David S. Gibson (USAF Academy)