SIGAda 2004 Conference Schedule
SIGAda 2004
ACM SIGAda Annual International Conference

November 14-18, 2004

DoubleTree Hotel -- Atlanta/Buckhead
Atlanta, GA

Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

In cooperation with
Ada Europe

Hosted by the
Southern Polytechnic State University, School of Computing and Software Engineering
and the
ACM Student Chapter, TSYS Department of Computer Science, Columbus State University

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Table of Contents

These Proceedings are organized by the schedule of presentations from the Final Program and reflecting any last-minute changes during the conference. Most of the presentations are included here as Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) files; exceptions are noted when they occur. File sizes are present if they exceed 1 MBytes.

All of the original Conference Papers are in Adobe's PDF file format. They are as close as possible to the papers that appear in the hardcopy SIGAda 2004 Conference Proceedings; they even contain the same page numbers where they appear in the Proceedings document.

Tuesday, November 16

Introductions of Conference Officers and SIGAda Officers
Greetings from SIGAda and Conference Officers
Welcome (Presentation, 1.4 MBytes)
Currie Colket

Keynote Address

Can Ada Stand Up to the Challenges of C/C++ and Java?
Pam M. Thompson (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics)

Enforcing Security and Safety Models with an Information Flow Analysis Tool (Paper) (Presentation) Roderick Chapman (Praxis High Integrity Systems, Ltd.) and Adrian Hilton (Praxis High Integrity Systems)
A Refactoring Tool for Ada 95 (Paper) (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.7 MBytes) Paul Anderson (GrammaTech)
Re-engineering Global Variables in Ada (Paper) (PowerPoint Presentation) Lt Col Ricky E. Sward (US Air Force Academy, HQ USAFA/DFCS) and A. Tim Chamillard (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

Cheddar: an educational Ada Real time scheduling framework (Paper) (Presentation) Frank Singhoff (University of Brest, France), J. Legrand (University of Brest, France), L. Nana (University of Brest, France), and L. Marcé (University of Brest, France)
Comparative Analysis of Genetic Algorithm Implementations (Paper) (Presentation) Robert Soricone (Northern Arizona University) and Melvin Neville (Northern Arizona University)
Microsoft Vendor Presentation: Microsoft with Ada in the Embedded World (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.0 MBytes) Richard Conn (Microsoft)

Keynote Address

Security Changes Everything
Watts Humphrey (Software Engineering Institute)
(Presentation, 1.9 MBytes)

AdaCore Vendor Presentation: Ada, GNATurally! (Presentation) Ben Brosgol (AdaCore)
Green Hills Software Vendor Presentation: A Safe Tasking Approach to Ada95 (Presentation) Jim Gleason (Green Hills Software)

Conference Reception

Wednesday, November 17

SIGAda Awards (Presentation)
Currie Colket

Keynote Address

Why can't engineering good software be like building a house?
Stephen E. Cross (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
(PowerPoint Presentation, 1.6 MBytes)

Measuring the Effectiveness of ACATS (Paper) (Presentation) Geoff T. Smith (IBM Rational Software)
I-Logix Vendor Presentation: Leveraging Model Driven Development and UML for Ada applications Ed Mayer (I-Logix)
TNI-Europe Vendor Presentation: "State of the Art" Software Modeling (Presentation) Tony Elliston (TNI-Europe)
ARTiSAN Software Tools Vendor Presentation: A Pragmatic Approach using Ada and UML (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.9 MBytes) Mike Gizzi (ARTiSAN Software Tools)

Model Driven Development with Ada (Paper) (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.2 MBytes) Edmund Mayer (I-Logix)
Information Systems Security Engineering: A Critical Component of the Systems Engineering Lifecycle (Paper) (Presentation) James F. Davis (University of Maryland)

Teaching Graphics Using Ada (Paper) (Presentation) C. Wayne Brown (USAF Academy)
Invited Address
GNAT: On the Road to Ada 2005
Javier Miranda (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Edmond Schonberg (New York University)
(Paper) (Presentation)
Aonix Vendor Presentation: Safety Critical Solutions for DO-178B (Presentation, 4.3 MBytes) Joe Colloca (Aonix)

Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) and Workshops
SPARK Birds of a Feather (Presentation) Roderick Chapman (Praxis High Integrity Systems, Ltd.)
AdaCore's GNAT Academic Package (Presentation) Edmond Schonberg (AdaCore)
APIWG plenary, Birds of a Feather Clyde Roby (Institute for Defense Analyses)
APIWG XML subgroup, Birds of a Feather (PowerPoint Presentation, 9.9 MBytes) Robert C. Leif (Newport Instruments)
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) Workshop Currie Colket (The MITRE Corporation)
Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions

Thursday, November 18

Ada 2005 Panel (Presentation) Pascal Leroy (IBM Rational (France); Chair of the WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group), S. Tucker Taft (SofCheck, Inc.), John Barnes (John Barnes Informatics), and Alan Burns (University of York)

Ada 2005 Panel (continued) (Presentation) Pascal Leroy (IBM Rational (France); Chair of the WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group), S. Tucker Taft (SofCheck, Inc.), John Barnes (John Barnes Informatics), and Alan Burns (University of York)
Best Student Paper Award Michael B. Feldman (The George Washington University, Chair of SIGAda Education Working Group)