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ACM SIGAda Awards

Here you’ll find a description of SIGAda’s awards
and how you can nominate someone for the two awards categories.

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Current Recipients

2022 Call For Nominations

2022 Call For Nominations Form

All Previous and Current Recipients


Started in 1994, the ACM SIGAda Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Ada community and to SIGAda.

The two categories of awards are:

In 2016, the former "Outstanding Ada Community Contribution Award" name was changed to the "Robert Dewar Award for Outstanding Ada Community Contributions" award. (Full text of press release as PDF file)

The ACM SIGAda Award Committee (volunteers who have previously won an award) selects recipients from nominations submitted by SIGAda membership and other members of the Ada community.

SIGAda awards (in the form of the statuette of Lady Lovelace pictured above) are typically presented at the SIGAda conference each fall, with nominations closing approximately one month before the conference. Click here for the current Nomination Form.


2022 ACM SIGAda Award Recipients

Robert Dewar Award for
Outstanding Ada Community Contributions
SIGAda Distinguished Service

Fabien Chouteau

Luis Miguel Pinho


Call for 2022 SIGAda Awards Nominations (Closed)

Dear Members of the Ada Community,

The ACM SIGAda Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Ada community and to SIGAda. The two categories of awards are:

Robert Dewar Award for Outstanding Ada Community Contributions
For broad, lasting contributions to Ada technology & usage.
ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award
For exceptional contributions to SIGAda activities & products.
Your support will maintain the prestige and honor of these awards.

Please consider who should be nominated this year. You may nominate a person for either award. You many nominate as many people as you think worthy.

You can a see a list of past recipients on this Web page. These may help you think about the measure of accomplishment that is appropriate. People who have received either of the two awards remain eligible for the other. You may be aware of people who have made substantial contributions that have not yet been acknowledged. Nominate them. Consider what you believe to be the best developments in the Ada community or SIGAda in the last year; the last 5 years; the last 10 years; or since Ada's inception. Who was responsible? Nominate them.

The ACM SIGAda Awards Committee, volunteers who have previously won an award, will determine this year's recipients from your nominations.

Call our attention to the people who are most deserving, by nominating them.

Thank you.


Nomination Form in PDF Download the PDF version of the Nomination Form
Nomination Form in MS Word document Download the MS Word version of the Nomination Form
Please send the completed PDF or Word version of the Nomination Form as an email attachment, or send an email message with the requested categories of information as plain text in the body of that email message, to SIGAda-Awards-Comm at ACM.Org

All Recipients (1994-2022)

Citations of accomplishments for SIGAda's previous Award recipients (PDF files)
(letters from SIGAda Awards Committee submitted to issues of Ada Letters or slides from the SIGAda conference where they were given the award)
1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999   2000
2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020   2021   2022

Robert Dewar Award for Outstanding Ada Community Contributions SIGAda Distinguished Service Awards
Peter Amey (2008)
Christine Anderson (1996)
Ted Baker (1999)
John Barnes (1994)
Mordechai "Moti" Ben Ari (2013)
Grady Booch (2006)
Kenneth L. Bowles (1997)
Carl Brandon (2014)
Ben Brosgol (2006)
Randy Brukardt (2000)
Alan Burns (2001)
Martin Carlisle (2002)
Peter Chapin (2017)
Fabien Chouteau (2022)
Rick Conn (1995)
Dirk Craeynest (1999)
Juan Antonio de la Puente (2016)
Robert Dewar (1995)
Robert Duff (2002)
David Emery (1999)
John Goodenough (1994)
Michael González Harbour (2003)
Hal Hart (2002)
Matthew Heaney (2005)
Audrey Hook (1998)
Jean Ichbiah (1995)
Magnus Kempe (1996)
Pascal Leroy (2005)
Ahlan Marriott (2015)
Bob Mathis (1996)
John McCormick (2008)
Charles McKay (2001)
Stephen Michell (2011)
Brad Moore (2018)
Jim Moore (1997)
Karl Nyberg (2007)
Pascal Obry (2009)
Emmett Paige, Jr. (1994)
Luis Miguel Pinho (2012)
Erhard Ploedereder (2000)
Jorge Real (2013)
Richard Riehle (1996)
Pat Rogers (2012)
Jean-Pierre Rosen (2007)
Edmond Schonberg (1997)
Frank Singhoff (2010)
Alfred Strohmeier (2001)
S. Tucker Taft (1995)
Joyce Tokar (2000)
Tullio Vardanega (2011)
Andy Wellings (2002)
William Whitaker (1994)

SPARK Team (2004)

The GNAT Team (2007)

SPARK 2014 Team (2019)

Randy Brukardt, Steve Baird, Jeff Cousins
(Ada 202X standard)
Brad Balfour (1997)
Michael Berman (2006)
Eugene Bingue (2005)
Benjamin Brosgol (1998)
Martin Carlisle (2004)
Albert Timothy "Tim" Chamillard (2019)
Norman Cohen (1999)
Ed Colbert (1996)
Currie Colket (2001)
David Cook (2002)
Dirk Craeynest (2014)
Leslie Dupaix (2003)
Chuck Engle (1995)
Mike Feldman (1994)
Gerry Fisher (1998)
Anthony Gargaro (1996)
Mark Gerhardt (1995)
Greg Gicca (2008)
John A. Hamilton (2018)
David Harrison (2000)
Hal Hart (1997)
Mike Kamrad (1994)
Rush Kester (2005)
John McCormick (2002)
James C. "JC" Morrison (2012)
S. Ron Oliver (2003)
Thomas A. Panfil (2002)
Luis Miguel Pinho (2022)
Charlene Roberts-Hayden (1996)
Clyde Roby (2001)
Jean Sammet (2002)
Alok Srivastava (2011)
Ricky E. "Ranger" Sward (2009)
S. Tucker Taft (2020)

SIGAda's Numerics
Working Group
(Chaired by Gil Myers) (1994)

Working Group
(Chaired by Currie Colket) (1999)

Last Update: 30 August 2022