Links to other Interesting Ada Info

There are lots of other places on the net that have some piece of Ada software or a report or a file of possible interest. The links are in no particular order, and new links are not always added to the top.

Link to a Commercial Sattelite Control Project written in Ada

There is now a home page at the University of Colorado on their Satellite Control Center Software which was written in Ada.

Bob Crispen's Ada Home Page

Bob has set up his own home page with lots of links to Ada information and articles.

Ada 95 Runtime and POSIX work from Florida State University

Ongoing research in Real-Time Systems at Florida State University This includes the POSIX/Ada Real-Time Projects (PART). Current on-going projects include Gnu Ada Runtime Library (GNARL) implementation and POSIX Ada Biding for Realtime and Threads Extensions (POSIX P1003.5b).

Chimera: Heterogeneous Hypermedia System

Chimera is an open, client-server based, hypermedia system that supports n-ary links between heterogeneous tools and applications in a network. Objects manipulated by separate applications can be linked together through Chimera. From the user's standpoint, for example, while working with one object in one application, an anchor on the displayed object may be selected, causing another application to start up, displaying a related (linked) object. Chimera comes with bindings to C and Ada; bindings to several popular tools have been constructed. Chimera makes no assumptions or demands regarding user interface system employed or how or where objects are stored.

Chimera comes with application programming interfaces (APIs) for clients written in the Ada and C programming languages. In future releases we plan to provide additional APIs for Java, C++, SmallTalk, and tcl.

DRGEN: A Package Testing Tool

The University of Alabama has developed a testing tool that generates driver programs for packages that implement abstract data types. A shell is provided where the user may interactively invoke procedures and functions exported by the package. To access the University of Alabama Ada home page (containing DRGEN as well as other Ada related items), click here.

List of USENET postings to comp.lang.ada that included an FTP or WWW site

Created by, the Green Eggs Report page is a cumulative list of links to sites that have been mentioned in a post to comp.lang.ada.

Persistent Objects in Ada using O2

Thierry MILLAN & Frederic MULATERO announced the following on comp.lang.ada:

We have made a coupling between Ada and the OODBMS O2 as underlying system (Ada User Journal, UK, ...). The prototype allows to handle O2 and/or Ada persistent data in an Ada program. This handle is transparent for the Ada user and allows to use the O2 graphic tools.

For more details, you can join us (discussing, possible applications, ...)

Program to Detect Memory Leaks in Ada and

A Tool that Generates Make Files for Ada Sytems

Owen O'Malley of the UC Irvine Arcadia project has developed a memory leak detector called Plumber. It's not all of the Purify functionality, but it goes a long way in that direction, and has been very useful in finding and correcting memory leaks in Arcadia-developed software. Owen also has also developed a tool called Adamakegen that generates make files for Ada systems.

Polynomial Solver in Ada

Currently, the following software is available via the Ada-Belgium home page:


Author: Jan Verschelde, K.U.Leuven.
Status: Executables for some architectures available from the author (currently: DECstation/Ultrix, IBM RS6000/AIX).
Entry added: 95/05/16.
Entry last changed: 95/06/12.


PHC is an interactive program for solving polynomial systems using homotopy continuation (PHC = Polynomial Homotopy Continuation). It contains various root counting methods, such as a tool for computing mixed volumes.

List of GUI Builders

A list of GUI builders is out on the web. Many of these generate Ada.

Ada Simulation System

Information is available on the Ada Simulation System (ASDS) which "is a system for easily and rapidly constructing any conceivable simulation. It is not a program!! Rather, it is a way of constructing programs and the fundamental building blocks common to all simulators."

Ada Code to HTML files

Michael Young has provided a pre-processor that turns a bunch of Ada (83 or 95) source files into a set of web pages (one page per source file), with an alphabetical index of declarations. Also processes Ansi C (less robustly). Keywords in boldface, comments in italics, optional line numbers, the usual stuff you'd expect from a pretty-printer, subject to the limitations of html version 2. It does *not* indent your code, you must do that first.

If you find it useful, please drop a note to Michal Young. If you try it and don't find it useful, please drop a note explaining why.

Sorry to those in the Dos and Mac worlds, this stuff runs on Unix only.

The BATCES Homepage

The SIGAda OOWG published a specification for the Basic Air Traffic Control Evaluation System (BATCES) and challenged some software analysts to show how they would approach the problem.

The BATCES Homepage was developed to try to revive an interest in BATCES as a common problem statement for methodology evaluation.

Doctoral Thesis on Real-time Ada

Title: Static timing analysis and program proof
Author: Roderick Chapman
Date: March 1995

Free Software from Rational

Check out Rational's ftp site which contains free Ada components.

Ada 95 Data Structures from University of Scranton

A collection of data structures written in Ada 95 is available. It contains various examples of stacks, queues, lists, binary trees, and n-ary trees. It includes some examples of data structures that may contain tagged types, and examples of structures made visible as controlled types. They all compile and run under gnat.

Ada Genetic Algorithm

The system, called VAGAS (Versatile Ada Genetic Algorithm Software) has been archived here at York University. Comments may be send to Max Edwards.

ACES 2.1

To all who are interested in performance measurement of Ada code:

Version 2.1 of the Ada Compiler Evaluation System (ACES) is now available via WWW.

An overview of ACES is available.

Ada Verification Rapporteur Group

The ISO Ada group recently set up the Ada Verification Rapporteur Group (VRG) under the chairmanship of Brian Wichmann, here at the National Physical Laboratory.

Access to Posix.5 Operating Systems from Ada

Forest is a library designed to allow you to access the facilities of UNIX-like operating systems from Ada 95. It is based on the POSIX.5 standard, with extensions to support things like symbolic links. Currently a bit more than half of POSIX.5 is implemented.

Release 1.2 is now available. The major goal of this release has been improved portability. It has been tested on Linux, HP-UX, SunOS, and Solaris. (I'd like to thank Andre Spiegel for his help on Solaris.) The size of the release has increased considerably because it includes a program to translate C typedefs and structure definitions to Ada. This release also includes a partial implementation of POSIX_Terminal- Functions, and a more complete set of error codes. Forest was written by Kenneth Almquist.

Using Framemaker to Document Ada Code

Michal Young ( of SERC/ Purdue U notes:

If you use FrameMaker (preferably the Unix version) and would like to include Ada source code in FrameMaker documents, or create whole program listings in FrameMaker, you may want to check out src2fm

I provide binaries for SunOS and Solaris, and source that should work for most Unixes. So far the package has been used by only a handful of people on Sun workstations. There are probably still a few bugs, and the documentation is somewhere between incomplete and nonexistant.

At present Ada 83, not Ada 95, is supported. If an Ada 95 user is willing to play guinea pig, I'll try to add the Ada 95 constructs right away.

Bindings to Tcl from Ada

Version 2.0 of the Arcadia Tcl bindings, adatcl2.0 is available through the Arcadia project.

This version of adatcl has been modified to work under both SunAda/Verdix and Gnat, the Gnu Ada Translator from NYU. In some cases, there are two parallel files, such as (for gnat) and (for SunAda). In some cases, there is a symbolic link such as main.adb and main.adb.a

This adatcl package provides access to tcl thru Ada. It is possible to run tcl programs and to write Ada procedures that define new tcl procedures using tcl_createcmd. The program tcltest.a demonstrates use of most tcl features and implements some of the example commands from section III of the draft of the tcl book.

RTEMS Real-Time Executive

RTEMS (pronounced "are tim's") is a real time executive designed to supplement the real time shortfalls of Ada 83. The RTEMS source is available to any organization needing a real time kernel. The RTEMS source is written in 'C' and Ada using common objects so that both products can be used in a mixed environment or organization without having to learn another kernel.

Since the real time extensions to Ada 95 are optional, we are upgrading RTEMS to work transparantly with GNAT to fulfill the requirements of the real time annexes.

RTEMS 3.2.1 was released on 17 August 1995.

By 9/30/95, barring anything catastrophic, RTEMS will be fully integrated with GNAT. In this product, calls to the kernel will be made thru the Ada 95 real-time extensions defined in the Ada 95 annexes.

A WWW page exists with more information. or contact:

Phil Acuff
RTEMS Project Leader
U.S. Army Missile Command
Redstone Arsenal, AL

Ada In Action book available via internet

Do-While Jones has made his previously out of print book Ada In Action available to all over the internet.

The only new material in this second edition is contained in the dedication, copyright notice, the Epilog (Chapter 7). The new copyright notice is much less restrictive than the previous one. The Epilog contains reflections on the first edition.

Copies of the two disks that were sold with the first edition are also included. Since these disks contain all the listings for the book, the listings are not duplicated elsewhere.

Ada in Action demonstrates the skills and techniques that make programmers more productive. Progressing from simple to more complex examples, this book demonstrates the proper use of the language.

Ada in Action includes:

Do-While Jones may be contacted at

Ada papers available for WWW browsing

Henry G. Baker ( has made a number of his papers on Ada available for browsing from the World Wide Web.

Extended Calendar Package

In response to numerous requests, Mats Webber ( has donated the source code for his Extended Calendar package. This package will allow the programmer to add and subtract date ranges greater than one day. It makes a useful supplement to the standard Ada.Calendar package. Also, it is supported by a package which does general exponentiation -- this package may be useful by itself.

Ada 95 Bindings to OS/2 PM for GNAT

A new OS/2 bindings package (??K) is available. It is a complete set of thin bindings. More information is available in the README file.

These bindings were created by Klaus A. Brunner

New Assets added to ASSET Library

The STARS ASSET Reuse Library has recently added new assets or new versions of existing assets. You need to have an account (no charge) with ASSET in order to access these new documents and software. More information about ASSET, acquiring an account, and a hyper-text catalog of our holdings can be found at the URL "". Information can also be obtained by sending email to "", FAXing to (304) 594-3951, or calling (304)-594-3954.

X-Windows Bindings for DEC machines

Bindings are available for DEC machines and OSs.

SIGAda and AdaIC List of Ada Success Stories

A set of two dozen Ada success stories is now available. These one to two page stories contain details on Ada use in many areas -- most of them commercial non-DoD efforts.

Free Software Built on top of Ada-Ed

This software was written in an attempt to demonstrate that free software written in Ada is a practical proposition. It is based on the free AdaEd interpreted Ada system available from NYU.

  1. The Ledger program.
    This is an accounting system using conventional double-entry bookeeping, with a nice WIMP interface.
  2. X/Intrinsics/OLIT binding for AdaEd.
  3. Purgatory.
    A package of UNIX interface routines for AdaEd. Direct access to UNIX read/write, forks, pipes, etc.
  4. Various bug-fixes for AdaEd; also the wherewithal to compile it under Solaris 2.n.

Each item in the above list requires the ones below it in the list

AdaSAGE Software Available

A new WWW server provided by the AdaSAGE development team is now on line.

This server has information about what AdaSAGE is, training availability and user group information. You may also download versions of AdaSAGE through this site. We hope to have all the AdaSAGE documentation in an online form soon. Please contact me if you have any questions.

If you have any questions or comments contact:

Jon Jensen
AdaSAGE Development Team Member
Lockheed Idaho Technologies
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

AFLEX and AYACC Software for Parsing and Lexing from the Arcadia project

Version 1.2a of the aflex and ayacc packages [parser generator (Ada), scanner generator (Ada)] are available. They were created by IRUS (Irvine Research Unit in Software). These are Lex and Yacc equivalents that produce Ada output. To subscribe to a mailing list that announces changes in information on these packages, send mail to: