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The Reuse Working Group (ReuseWG) of SIG-Ada is organized to provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding the technical, legal, managerial, cultural and education aspects of software reuse and to actively promote software reuse within the Ada community. You can view the ReuseWG Charter or get a version suitable for printing by choosing one of the following formats:

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Annual Meeting

Our meeting is held in conjunction with TRI-Ada. Our chairman, Harry Joiner, presented the following view graphs at TRI-Ada'95:

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Subgroups of the ReuseWG

The two main subgroups of the ReuseWG are the handbook for reuse life cycle support, and the Reuse Acquisition Action Team (RAAT). Each are discussed individually below:

Reuse Life Cycle Support

We wanted to conduct a workshop in conjunction with WAdaS'96, but there were too many excellent presentations being held at the same time. I did prepare a few view graphs with the following themes:
  1. I chose the broad topic of Reuse Technical Issues with the intention of letting the people in attendance narrow it down.
  2. I did not address software architecture because someone else was going to do that in another workshop. The other workshop was scheduled to be the day after this one, but it did not take place.
It is always hard to follow a presentation that you did not see in person. Even so, I have put them here in hopes that it will be of some interest. Obviously they are very brief, and could really use a supporting hand out. I would also like to add some stuff about software architecture, and explore the relationship between architecture and reuse. If you have any other issues, please contact me, Roy Bell, at:

In the past we have worked on a reuse handbook. This effort has not published anything to date. Some of the ideas can be found in an SEI publication called Mapping a Domain Model and Architecture to a Generic Design by A. Peterson and J. Stanley. This document can be obtained here . More recently Harry Joiner conducted a workshop on maintenance at TRI-Ada'95. His view graphs can be obtained in PDF or Microsoft Power Point 4.0 format. If you would like to volunteer to help with any technical aspect of reuse in any phase of the software development life cycle, please contact me, Roy Bell, at:

Reuse Issues Action Team (RIAT)

The purpose of the RIAT is to reduce the critical acquisition-related barriers to effective software reuse within Government and industry. Click here for more information.

Reuse Mailing List

To subscribe to a reuse mailing list you have to send a message (with no subject) to the list processor. The list processor is located at: . Your message has to contain the words " SUBSCRIBE reuse" followed by your complete email address.
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