Ada Letters--April 2007

Volume XXVII       Number 1     April 2007

Table of Contents

Newsletter Information

From the Editor's Desk 3

Editorial Policy 4

Key Contacts 6

In Memoriam: Jean D. Ichbiah 9

Letters from the SIGAda Officials

Special Report by SIGAda Chair John W. McCormick 11

Follow the Money, Special Report by Martin C. Carlisle, SIGAda Treasurer 16

2006 SIGAda Awards

Awarded at SIGAda 2006 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 15 18


Reviewed Articles

The Implementation of the Priority Ceiling Protocol in Ada-2005 - Albert Cheng and James Ras 24

Real Time Ada Issues

Ada Issue 00422 - User Data for Timing Events 40

Ada Issue 10188 - Setting a Task Base Priority is Immediate 43

Ada Issue 10266 - Task Termination Procedure 46

Ada Software Reuse

Reusable Software Components by Trudy Levine 53

Conference Announcements

SIGAda 2007 Information 64

Ada Europe 2007 66

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference 2007 68

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the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

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