Ada Letters--April 2008

Volume XXVIII       Number 1     April 2008

Table of Contents

Newsletter Information

From the Editor's Desk 3

Editorial Policy 4

Key Contacts 6

Chairman's Message - A Special Report by SIGAda Chair - John W. McCormick 9

Tribute to Honor Jim Gray 13

Call for Technical Contributions to SIGAda 2008 International Conference in Portland, OR (Oct. 26-30) 14

Glimpses of the Year 2007 SIGAda International Conference in Fairfax, Virginia USA 16

2007 SIGAda Awards presented at SIGAda International Conference in Fairfax, Virginia USA 18

Hibachi Workshop Report on the Eclipse Ada Development Toolset held at SIGAda 2007 Conference 22

Assessment of String Tests Strategy for an En Route Air Traffic Control System

By Jeff O'Leary, Fredrick Woodard, Alok Srivastava and Denise Beidleman 24

AdaCore's "Ada Gems" on Ada 2005 31

Ada Software Reuse

Ada Reusable Software Components - Trudy Levine 59

Proceedings of Static Analysis Summit II held at 2007 SIGAda International Conference in Fairfax, Virginia USA

Paul E. Black (Workshop Chair) and Elizabeth Fong (Editor) 71

Discussion and Panel Notes 73

Static Analysis Tools for Security Checking in Code at Motorola

R Krishnan, Margaret Nadworny and Nishil Bharill 76

Evaluation of Static Source Code Analyzers for Avionics Software Development

Redge Bartholomew 83

Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) Status Update

Robert A. Martin and Sean Barnum 88

A Practical Approach to Formal Software Verification by Static Analysis

Arnaud Venet 92

Logical Foundation for Static Analysis: Application to binary static analysis for Security

Hassen Saidi 96

Ada Europe Conference 2008 103

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