Ada Letters--August 2007

Volume XXVII       Number 2     August 2007

Table of Contents

Newsletter Information

From the Editor's Desk 3

Editorial Policy 4

Key Contacts 6

Letters from the SIGAda Officials

Special Report by SIGAda Chair - John W. McCormick 9

Follow the Money by SIGAda Treasurer - Martin C. Carlisle 12

Papers of the 13th International Real-Time Ada Workshop (IRTAW-13)

Preface - J.A. de la Puente, B. Brosgol 14

Language Issues - T. Vardanega, J. Ruiz 15

Correcting the EDF protocol in Ada 2005 - A. Zerzelidis, A. Burns, A.J. Wellings 18

Integrating OOP and Tasking: The missing requeue - A. Wellings, A. Burns 23

Building High-Integrity Distributed System with Ravenscar Restrictions - S. Urueña, J. Zamorano 29

Programming patterns and libraries - M. González, J, Gutiérrez 37

A Framework for Real-Time Utilities for Ada 2005 - A. Wellings, A. Burns 41

Programming Execution-Time Servers in Ada 2005 - A. Burns, A.J. Wellings 48

Ada 2005 Code Patterns for Metamodel-Based Code Generation - J. Pulido, J.A. de la Puente, M. Bordin, T. Vardanega, J. Hugues 53

Implementation Experience with Ada 2005 - A. Burns, A. Wellings 59

Implementing the new Ada 2005 real-time features on a bare board kernel - S. Urueña, J. Pulido, J. Redondo, J. Zamorano 61

Operating System Support for Execution Time Budgets for Thread Groups - M. Aldea, M. González Harbour 67

Beyond Ada 2005 - J. Real, S. Michell 72

Beyond Ada 2005: Allocating Tasks to Processors in SMP Systems - A. Wellings, A. Burns 75

Suggestions for Stream Based Parallel Systems in Ada - M. Ward, N. C. Audsley 82

Ada and other standards - B. Brosgol, M. Aldea 88

Interfacing Ada to Operating Systems - S. Mitchell 90

Conclusions and plans - J.A. de la Puente, S. Urueña 96

Conference Announcements

SIGAda 2007 Conference Advance Program 98

Ada Conference UK 2007 105

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference 2007 106

Ada Europe Conference 2008 109

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