Ada Letters--August 2009

Volume XXIX       Number 2     August 2009

Table of Contents

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From the Editor's Desk 3

Editorial Policy 4

Key Contacts 6

2009 SIGAda Election Results 9

Annual ACM SIGAda 2008 International Conference in Tampa Bay, FL (Nov. 1-5) 11

SystemAda: An Ada Based System-Level Hardware Description Language by Negin Mahani, Parnian Mokri, Mahshid Sedghi, and Zainalabedin Navabi 15

Ada for the Control of Degradation of Service by Gertrude Levine 20

The Ada paradox(es) by J-P. Rosen 29

AdaCore's "Ada Gems" on Ada 2005

Gem #51: Safe and Secure Software: Chapter 11, Certified Safe with SPARK by John Barnes 36

Gem #52: Scripting Capabilities in GNAT (Part 1) by Emmanuel Briot 37

Gem #54: Scripting Capabilities in GNAT (Part 2) by Emmanuel Briot 40

Gem #55: Introduction to Ada / Java Interfacing by Quentin Ochem 43

Gem #56: Creating Ada to Java calls using GNAT-AJIS by Quentin Ochem 46

Gem #57: Ada / Java cross dispatching by Quentin Ochem 50

Gem #58: Ada / Java exception handling by Quentin Ochem 53

Gem #59: Generating Ada bindings for C headers by Arnaud Charlet 56

Gem #60: Generating Ada bindings for C++ headers by Arnaud Charlet 58

Gem #61: Interfacing with C++ constructors by Javier Miranda and Arnaud Charlet 61

Gem #62: C++ constructors and Ada 2005 by Javier Miranda and Arnaud Charlet 63

Gem #63: The Effect of Pragma Suppress by Gary Dismukes 65

Gem #64: Handling Multiple-Unit Source Files by Emmanuel Briot 68

Book Review of Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages (4th Edition) Book Authors - Alan Burns and Andy Wellings 71

Ada Europe Conference 2010, 14-18 June 2010, Valencia, Spain 72

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