Ada Letters--March 2005

Volume XXV       Number 1     March 2005

Table of Contents

Letter from the Chair - Currie Colket


SIGAda Bylaws

Original SIGAda Bylaws with Comments on Proposed Changes

SIGAda Bylaws proposed 3 March 2005


SIGAda Awards

2004 SIGAda Awards - Awarded at SIGAda2004 Conference in Atlanta, GA

2004 Outstanding Student Paper Award - Awarded at SIGAda2004 Conference, Atlanta GA


SIGAda Working Group Reports

API Working Group BOF Session Summary - Clyde Roby


Reviewed Articles

Priority Inversion in Multi Processor Systems due to Protected Actions - Gustaf Naeser

Tasking Deadlocks in Programs with the Full Ada95 - Y. Tojo, S. Nara, Y. Goto, J. Cheng

Reusable Software Components - Trudy Levine


ACM SIGAda Announcements

SIGAda Elections 2005

A Quarterly Publication of SIGAda,
the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada

Last Update 14 December 2005