Ada Letters--September 2005

Volume XXV       Number 3     September 2005

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Newsletter Information

SIGAda Fact Sheet3
From the Editor's Desk5
Editorial Policy6
Key Contacts8

Letters from SIGAda Officials

Special Report by SIGAda Chair John W. McCormick11
A note from SIGAda Secretary Clyde Roby15
Follow the Money by SIGAda Treasurer Martin Carlisle17

Reviewed Articles

Wholesale Byte Reversal of the Outermost Ada Record Object to Achieve Endian Independence for Communicated Data Types - Randal P. Andress19
Dead Live Longer - A Dramoletto - Christoph Grein28
Ada and the Control of Intrusion - Gertrude Levine32
Reusable Software Components - Gertrude (Trudy) Levine40
AI 00249 - Ravenscar Profile for High-Integrity Systems 49
AI 00297 - Timing events 56
AI 00298 - Non-Preemptive Dispatching89
AI 00303 - Removal of library-level requirement for interrupt handler objects95
AI 00305 - New pragma and additional restriction identifiers for real-time systems105

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