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SIGAda Booth Schedule

Here you will find where SIGAda's booth will be exhibiting.
(In cooperation with and with support from the Ada Resource Association)

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Since 1994 SIGAda has conducted an "Ada Awareness Initiative" whose centerpiece has been our Professional Booth Display Unit in exhibition halls at various major U.S. software conferences, both inside and outside the DoD arena. Via this exhibiting, SIGAda sustains Ada visibility ("name recognition"), provides various Ada-awareness materials such as dozens of "Ada Success Stories" and Ada-related CD-ROMs, and makes available Ada experts (our booth staff volunteers) who can intelligently answer questions, provide pointers and help, and debunk the misinformation about Ada that many attendees at these shows have.

Visit our Poster Gallery “Powered by Ada

Here is the schedule of upcoming events where ACM SIGAda is considering to exhibit. We can always use more help in spreading the good word about Ada. If you are attending any of these events, please help by volunteering your time to work the SIGAda booth during lunches and other breaks, or sometimes more importantly, during booth setup (typically the afternoon or evening before the show) and break-down (at end of last day). To enlist, send email to Taft at AdaCore.Com (SIGAda's "Ada Awareness Initiative" coordinator).

Instructions for setting up the booth, breaking it down, and packing it for shipping are included in this PDF file (2.8 MBytes).

Other High Leverage Shows (Many Where SIGAda Has Exhibited in Past years)*
Conference Location Exhibit Dates
Embedded Systems Conferences (ESC) - Boston
Boston, MA Annually, Fall
Embedded Systems Conferences (ESC) - Silicon Valley
San Jose, CA Annually, Spring
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo varies Twice annually
PSQT varies Twice annually
FOSE Washington, DC Annually, Spring
COMDEX Las Vegas, Nevada Annually, November
Lab Automation San Diego, CA Annually, January
Object/JAVA Expo New York, NY Annually, Spring
National SEPG Conference varies Annually, Spring
Software Developers Conference (SD East) Boston, MA Annually, November
Software Developers Conference (SD West) Santa Clara, CA Annually, March
Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference varies Quarterly, usually January, April, July, October
ACM Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC) varies May every 3rd year
(1999, 2002, 2005, ...)
International Conf. on Software Engineering (ICSE) varies Annually, May
SEI Symposium Usually in Pittsburgh, PA varies

* A SIGAda decision to exhibit at any show will depend on a volunteer to be full-time onsite booth manager. SIGAda travel subsidies may be available, if needed. A preference will be given to volunteers local to the show and those with their company's travel support. Contact Taft at AdaCore.Com.

SIGAda graciously acknowledges and thanks the
Ada Resources Association (ARA)
for their financial support of SIGAda's Ada Awareness Initiative and our booth activities.

Last Update: 15 June 2018