Taming the powers of the Dark Side:
Empowering Ada on the desktop with COM/DCOM and ActiveX


David Botton

As long as Windows rules the desktop, COM (aka DCOM and ActiveX) is the emperor of component architectures. Yet, there is hope amidst the darkness, a force, the GNATCOM framework for the most trusted name in software engineering, Ada. All of Microsoft's newest and future technologies are now in the grasp of Ada, application automation, linking and embedding, Windows shell extension and integration, message queuing, n-tier transaction processing, GUI components, XML components, web technology and browsers, and .NET to name but a few. GNATCOM not only opens the door to COM development with Ada, but expands the possibilities of COM beyond the popular inferior languages and their tools. Ada's unique combination of object-oriented, high-level real-time control, concurrency and distributed features can now be leveraged from any Windows applications through COM when critical is not just a buzz word.