Gtk Marries Ada : The GUI Technology Revolution

Arnaud Charlet

Arnaud Charlet is a senior software engineer at ACT-Europe, the European GNAT Company. He has been involved with Ada for 9 years, and has been giving GNAT and Ada tutorials for 2 years. He is in charge of the GNAT tasking run time and has been leading developments of the GtkAda (Ada 95 Graphical User Interface complete solution) and GNATWorks (GNAT for VxWorks) technologies, in particular in the real time and debugging areas.

He obtained his master's degree in Computer Science in 1997 at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne (Brest, France). He previousely obtained his B.Sc. in Computer Science with honors in 1995 and his B.S. in Computer Science with highest honors in 1994 in Marseille, France.