Describing Architectures

The ACM Position on Licensing Software Engineers

David Emery

David Emery is currently a Principal Engineer at The MITRE Corporation, supporting various U.S. Army programs. He has over 20 years experience in a variety of settings, including many U.S. defense projects, the Canadian Automated Air Traffic Control System, and the Siemens/Intel cooperation later named 'BiiN.' His work on architectures started as a project at MITRE to determine why some systems seemed to “hang together” better than others, and a paper on architectures won “Best Paper” award at Ada Europe in 1996. Within the Ada community, he has served as Secretary and Treasurer of ACM SIGAda, Chair of WG9's Uniformity Rapporteur Group, and Technical Editor of the IEEE Ada Binding to POSIX. He's received the SIGAda Outstanding Contribution Award and several awards from IEEE, including membership in the Computer Society's “Golden Core” and most recently the IEEE Third Millennium Medal.

David Emery
The MITRE Corporation

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