Ada 95 on the JVM: Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Franco Gasperoni


The latest trend in our industry, "pervasive computing", predicts the proliferation of numerous, often invisible, computing devices embedded in consumer appliances connected to the ubiquitous Internet. Secure, reliable applications combined with simplicity of use will make or break a company's reputation in this market. The Java "write once, run anywhere" paradigm, introduced by Sun in the mid-90s, is embodied in a widely available computing platform targeting pervasive devices. Although the Java Virtual Machine was designed to support the semantics of the Java programming language, it can also be used as a target for other languages. The Ada 95 programming language is a good match for the Java platform from the standpoint of its portability, security, reliability, and rich feature set. In this talk we explain the features that have made Ada the language of choice for software-critical applications and how these features complement the Java programming language while increasing the overall reliability and exibility of the Java platform.