Why Your Next Embedded CPU Should Provide Hardware Support for Multitasking and Multiple Virtual Machines

David S. Hardin

Dr. David S. Hardin is Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of aJile Systems, Inc., which was formed in 1999 to develop real-time embedded Java hardware and software technologies. He is a co-author of *The Real-Time Specification for Java*, and is a member of several Java Expert Groups convened under the Java Community Process. Previously, Dr. Hardin worked in safety-critical computer systems architecture, formal methods, and custom microprocessor design at Rockwell Collins, and was named a Rockwell Engineer of the Year for 1997. Dr. Hardin holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Kansas State University.

Chief Technical Officer
aJile Systems, Inc.
Email: david.hardin@ajile.com