Generation of Documentation using ASIS Tools

Steven V. Hovater

Steve has enjoyed several careers. His early experience as a satellite communications technican in the US Air Force gave him an appreciation of troubleshooting large systems. After his military service, he earned his MS (Physics) from the University of Alabama. In 1985, Shell Oil brought him to New Orleans to do geophysics.

Steve has been in the Ada community since 1987 in a variety of roles. His first Ada project was with Shell, in Houston, working with the team developing their next-generation seismic processing system (GeOps), using Rational R1000, Verdix, and DEC and Telesoft compilers. From there, he did a brief tour with Lockheed, working on the Space Station. From there, he joined Verdix (in Virginia) to help develop VADSApse.

Following the Rational/Verdix merger in 1993, he has been with Rational in a number of roles, from development to field sales (as a technical representative). Most recently, Steve has moved into Rational's Northeastern Regional Services Organization, where he's working with customers from Ontario to Connecticut.

Steven V. Hovater
Technical Representative
Rational Software
Lexington, MA
Phone: 781-676-2565
FAX: 781-676-2500