Using Ada in Interactive Digital Television Systems

Thierry Lelegard

Thierry Lelegard is currently a Senior Project Manager at Canal+ Technologies (Paris, France). He has 14 years of experience in Ada and operating systems. He obtained his engineering degree in 1985 at the Institut National des Telecommunications (Evry, France).

In 1986-88, he was involved in the development of an Ada-written Prolog compiler. In 1988-96, he worked as software consultant for the DEC Ada compiler and the OpenVMS operating system at Digital Equipment France. In 1996, he joined Canal+ Technologies. In 1998, he managed the UK Digital Terrestrial Television project (ONdigital, London, UK). Currently, he manages the porting and re-engineering of the Canal+ applications from Ada 83 on OpenVMS to Ada 95 on multiple platforms.

Thierry Lelegard
Canal+ Technologies
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75516 Paris Cedex 15 (France)

Phone: +33 1 71 71 54 30
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