High Integrity Software for High Integrity Systems

George Romanski

Mr. Romanski has specialized in the production of software-development environments for the past 30 years. His work has focused on compilers, cross compilers, run-time systems, and tools for embedded real-time applications. Mr. Romanski was directly involved with GPP-Ada, Mchapse-Ada, SD-Ada, XD-Ada, Systeam-Ada, Alsys-Ada, Object-Ada and Raven.

Since 1992, he has concentrated on software for safety-critical applications. The results of his work have been used in avionics, nuclear, and railway applications at the highest level of criticality including the Boeing 777, the nuclear reactor safety shutdown system for the Temelin Reactor, and the railway signaling and braking system for the Jubilee Line Extension of the London Underground.

Mr. Romanski continues in the safety certification field, both in Ada and other computer language systems.

Mr. Romanski is the President of Verocel, Inc.