A Successful Example of a Layered-Architecture Based Embedded Development with Ada 83 for Standard-Missile Control

Kelly L. Spicer

Kelly was the Software Development Lead, and later, Software Team Lead for the Standard-Missile-3/Stage-3 Program during software development and testing. He has been with Raytheon Missile Systems Company in Tucson for five years.

Previously, as an Air Force Officer, Kelly was a software designer and team lead for other programs, more recently with Air Force Space Command supporting NORAD in Colorado Springs. Among his positions was the Lead for “Domain-Specific Software Reuse” on the Air Force/STARS Technology Demonstration Project (SCAI). This technology-insertion project was seeking to utilize new process, reuse, and software-engineering-environment technology, developed under DARPA contracts, on an actual Air Force program.

Kelly received his masters degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology. His thesis focused on defining software reuse architectures for embedded systems (Available from the National Technical Information Service 1-800-553-6847; the order number is AD-A230 460/8INZ.). He also published a paper in the ACM's “Ada Letters” on the same subject (Nov-Dec 1991 issue).

Phone: 520-794-9611
Email: klspicer@west.raytheon.com