New Developments in Real-Time Profiles in Ada 95

Joyce L. Tokar, PhD

Dr. Tokar is Vice President of Technology at DDC-I, where she directs the research and development of technology, including continuing products and product expansion. Recently, she has been concentrating on the generation and integration of high level tools to enhance the development environment for embedded applications.

Dr. Tokar has been working with Ada, Ada 95, C/C++ and embedded technology for over 15 years. During this time she has focused primarily on the design and implementation of efficient runtime systems for embedded processors such as the PowerPC, the i960, and the 1750a. In some instances this included demonstrating compliance with FAA DO-178 requirements.

Dr. Tokar is the head of the US Technical Advisor Group (TAG) to ISO Working Group 9, the group that is responsible for the definition and evolution of the Ada language. She is a member of the Ada Rapporteur Group and has served in various roles within SIGAda and the Ada9X Project. Dr. Tokar has been a regular participant in the International Real-Time Ada Working Group (IRTAWG) where she has contributed to the definition and standardization of the Ravenscar Profile; a tasking subset of Ada 95 that is suitable for use in safety critical and high integrity real-time systems.

Dr. Tokar is DDC-I's representative to the Ada Resource Association.

Dr. Tokar has authored a large number of papers and reports, most of which are in the area of the Ada programming language and real-time, embedded systems.

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