Window On the World

Thunderbird Hotel
Bloomington, MN, USA
30 September - 4 October 2001
Volume 3

Highlights of the SIGAda 2001 conference are described in an entertaining and informative way in Ada-WOW, the onsite newsletter published each day at SIGAda conferences (.pdf format):

Monday, 1 October (Issue 0, a pre-conference edition) Ada-WOW-0.pdf
Tuesday, 2 October (Issue 1) Ada-WOW-1.pdf
Wednesday, 3 October (Issue 2) Ada-WOW-2.pdf
Thursday, 4 October (Issue 3) Ada-WOW-3.pdf

(Black/white hard-copy versions of these issues of Ada-WOW from the SIGAda 2001 conference are published in the March 2002 issue of ACM SIGAda's newsletter, Ada LETTERS.)

Created 18 September 2001