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S. Tucker Taft

Formerly of Avercom, Mr. Taft has founded SofCheck, Inc. to support quality-oriented software development teams. He is a cornerstone in the Ada community, leading the Ada9X design team from 1990-1995 and succeeding in making Ada95 the first ISO standardized object-oriented programming language. Prior to 1990, Mr. Taft participated in the development of the Ada Integrated Environment (AIE) for the Air Force, a commercial C cross-compiler (InterTools C), the Common APSE Interface Set (CAIS), and an Ada binding to SQL (SAME). Mr. Taft graduated from Harvard College in 1975 with a bachelor's in Chemistry, Summa Cum Laude.

Established in April 2002, SofCheck has technology specialties: an automated bug detector, a software development portal, and AdaMagictm SofCheck's AdaMagic Technology has a broad and deep history in leading Ada software development. Created at Intermetrics, Inc. in 1993 by the same team that designed the Ada95 standard, AdaMagic was the basis for the first Ada95 compiler validated under the Ada95 version of the ACVC/ACATS test suite.

S. Tucker Taft
SofCheck, Inc.
Email: info@sofcheck.com
URL: www.sofcheck.com
URL: www.appletmagic.com