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Rod Chapman
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Dr. Roderick C. Chapman is a Principal Engineer with Praxis Critical Systems Ltd., specializing in the design and implementation of safety and security-critical systems. He led the development of the SPARK language and its associated analysis tools. Recently Praxis has been appointed by UK's National Air Traffic Services (NATS) to work on a large Air Traffic Control (ATC) partnering contract to write the specification and develop the software for a new ATC System called iFACTS which will trigger the biggest change in ATC since the introduction of radar.

Dr. Chapman is a well-known conference speaker and has presented papers, tutorials, and workshops at many international events including STC, NSA HCSS, SIGAda, Ada-Europe and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress. In addition to SPARK, Rod has been the key contributor to many of Praxis' major projects such as SHOLIS, MULTOS CA, Tokeneer and Software verification tools. He received a MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering and a DPhil in Computer Science from the University of York, England, in 1991 and 1995 respectively. He is a chartered engineer and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

He can be reached via email at rod.chapman at

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