Reception Dinner & Cultural Program

Denver Art Musuem

Denver Art Museum

Tuesday 7:00pm 10:00pm

The SIGAda 2011 reception and dinner will be held at the Denver Art Museum. This will be full three course meal and will have the Native American art gallery open for attendees to visit before or after the meal. The reception and dinner is another great opportunity to network with other professionals in the Ada and high-reliability software development community in a relaxing atmosphere.

The American Indian art galleries are newly remodeled and focus on artists, their creations, and their inspirations. The collection includes more than 18,000 art objects representing the heritage of all cultures and tribes across the United States and Canada. Recognized as one of the best of its kind in the United States, the collection spans more than 2,000 years of artistic creativity, from prehistoric times to the present.

The collection includes diverse artistic traditions such as Pueblo ceramics, Navajo textiles, Northwest Coast sculpture, basketry, Plains beadwork, and oil paintings, representing the full range of American Indian art styles. Over the past 80 years, these artworks have been featured both nationally and internationally in scholarly publications, innovative exhibitions, and educational programs.