Tri-Ada '95 Exposition Floorplan

Exposition Floorplan

Exhibitor Booth Numbers

Absolute Software Co., Inc. 115
Ada Core Technologies 116
Ada Information Clearinghouse 420
Adasoft, Inc. 127
Advanced Technology Center 408
Army Reuse Center 326
Asset 426
Cadre Technologies 232
CRI, Inc. 421
DDC-I 206
Digital Equipment Corporation 120
Dynamics Research Corp. 202
Fastrak Training Inc. 137
Grammatech, Inc. 235
Green Hills Software, Inc. 312
I.D.E. Software Through Pictures 320
Idaho National Engineering Lab 401
Inquisix, Inc. 305
Integrated Computer Solutions 306
Intermetrics Inc. 220
Introspect Technologies, Inc. 428
Irvine Compiler 406
Irvine Sci-Tech Books 432
Kew Digital Emulation Center 404
LabTek Corporation 325
Learning Tree International 407
Mark V Systems 113
McCabe & Associates, Inc. 328
Navcomtelsta San Diego 302
Objective Interface Systems 109
OC Systems 412
R. R. Software, Inc. 402
Rational Software Corporation 104
Reuse Information Clearinghouse 403
Silicon Graphics 112
Software Compositions 236
Software Systems Design, Inc. 135
Statistica, Inc. 425
Strictly Business 427
Tartan, Inc. 117
The George Washington University 327
Thomson Software Products 212
TLD Ada Compiler Systems 132
Top Graph'X 419
TRW 126

Vector Software, Inc. 405

TRI-ADA '95 Exhibitor Directory

Absolute Software Co., Inc.
4593 Orchid Street
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Booth #115
Specializing in Ada and object oriented technology, we are praised for enabling software engineers to get practical results, and become productive sooner. Colbert's OOSD method is strong in real time and re-use.

Ada Core Technologies
73 5th Avenue, Suite 11B
New York, NY 10003
Booth #116
Ada Core Technologies provides maintenance, technical support and consulting to the users of the GNAT system. GNAT is a freely available Ada 95 compilation system that provides world-class performance on a variety of platforms and cross-compiltation systems.

Ada Information Clearinghouse
P. O. Box 1866
Falls Church, VA
Booth #420
The Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) makes free information available about virtually any aspect of the Ada language, including tools, compilers, training and resources.

AdaSoft, Inc.
8750-9 Cherry Lane
Laurel MD, 20707
Booth #127
AdaSoft provides Ada programming services and products such as Textual and Graphical User Interfaces, Database Management Systems, Computer Managed Instruction in Ada, Automated Source Code Translation, and Space Mission Analysis Software.

Advanced Technology Center
22982 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653
Booth #408
ATC will be introducing its Ada-UIM/X product for Ada code generation from the UIM/X GUI builder. Ada-UIM/X will be demonstrated with AXI: Ada to X/Motif Interface. Both products are available for various platforms and compilers.

Army Reuse Center
Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060
Booth #326

Cadre Technologies
222 Richmond
Providence, RI 02903
Booth #232
Cadre's award-winning products and services provide the most comprehensive application development support for both structured method and object-oriented (OO) approaches, by helping manage the fundamental phases of software development, from analysis, design and code construction through reuse, reverse engineering and testing.

CRI, Inc.
3245 146th Place SE
Bellevue, WA 98007
Booth #421
CRI, the Industrial Groupware Company, develops and markets the Life* CYCLE software-engineering environment. Including Life* ADA for ADA software development in a multiple compiler environment, the Life *CYCLE family of products manages the entire lifecycle of large application development.

410 N. 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Booth #206
DDC-I is an established supplier of Ada compilers. DDC-I Ada 95 Technology includes a rewrite of the compiler front-end supporting the full core language, the Systems Programming and the Real-Time Systems annexes. ANDF installers generates code for multiple popular platforms.

Digital Equipment Corporation
200 Forest Street
Marlboro, MA 01752
Booth #120
Digital will be highlighting its COHESION family of software engineering solutions. The COHESION solutions enable teams of developers to create software that is reliable and maintainable, while controlling costs. COHESION solutions support Digital Alpha, Sun and HP workstations, and leading ISV products have been integrated using open interfaces.

Dynamics Research Corp.
60 Frontage Road
Andover, MA 01810
Booth #202
Dynamics Research Corp. will be demonstrating their suite of Ada tools including one of the industries leading static source code analyzers, AdaMAT and DRC's newest offering - AdaPath, a path test tool for Ada source that utilizes a basic set of paths for building test cases.

Fastrak Training Inc.
9175 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046
Booth #137
Fastrak is a woman-owned, small business offering training and consulting services in the Ada '83 and '95 programming language, software process improvement and object-oriented technology. Classes are available at client sites or at our training center.

Grammatech, Inc.
One Hopkins Place
Ithace, NY 14850
Booth #235

Ada-ASSURED: standards enforcement tool used for language-sensitive editing, browsing, and reviewing of Ada 95 and Ada 83 code. Interactive and batch modes. Automatic high-quality formatting. Conformance to Software Productivity Consortium (SPC) Ada Quality and Style Guidelines.
Green Hills Software, Inc.
510 Castillo Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Booth #312
ADAMULTI ® contains everything you need for a major programming project, including optimizing compilers, a windowing debugger, profiling, run-time error checking, version control, configuration management and editor. Ada, C, C++, Fortran and Pascal may be mixed into a single executable. It is available for most 32 and 64-bit family processors running VxWorks, SunOS or Solaris, and is attractively priced.

Idaho National Engineering Lab
P. O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3779
Booth #401
AdaSAGE - an application development tool for Ada programmers implemented as a set of Ada packages and a set of programs used as support utilities during application development and operation.

Inquisix, Inc.
12424 Research Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826
Booth #305
InQuisiXPro is an integrated set of information management and workflow applications that manages soft assets (specifications, drawings, code, documents, engineering notes) in distributed, heterogeneous environments and automates development, evolution and reuse processes.

Interactive Development Environments
595 Market Street, 10th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Booth #320
Interactive Development Environments, Inc. (IDE) Software through Pictures (StP) - helps companies build better mission-critical, enterprise-wide systems with superior object-oriented development tools for Ada '83 and Ada '95 and partners with the Software Productivity Consortium (SPC) to provide support for ADARTS in StP.
Integrated Computer Solutions
201 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Booth #306
Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) provides advanced visual application programming tools for UNIX developers creating client/server applications. ICS' Ada Xcessories allow the Ada developer to construct a Motif-Based graphical user interface using the Ada language. The Ada-Xcessories include BX/Ada, based on the award-winning Builder Xcessory, Ada/Motif, and OSF/Motif.

Intermetrics Inc.
733 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Booth #220
Intermetrics provides the fast path to Ada 95 for compiler/CASE vendors and other integrators. AdaMagic, a full Ada 95 "Front End" that matches the performance and ease of use of C/C++ compilers is now available.

Introspect Technologies, Inc.
1765 South 8th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Booth #428
introspect Technologies, Inc., specializing in embedded systems programming and creators of iRAT, the introspect, Real-time Analysis Toolset. iRAT provides real-time software developers and engineers with a comprehensive set of tools to analyze, evaluate and validate the timing behavior of time-sensitive applications.

Irvine Compiler
34 Executive Park, Suite 270
Irvine, CA 92714
Booth #406
ICC Ada for HP9000/7XX; ICC Ada for Intel i960MX; i960MC; i960KB hosted on VAX/VMS; VAX-ALPHA/UNIX; HP900/7XX; and Sun SPARCstation

Irvine Sci-Tech Books
1533 Culver Drive, Suite 640
Irvine, CA 92714
Booth #432

LabTek Corporation
565 Wagon Wheel
Orange, CT 06477-2171
Booth #325
LabTek Corp. specializes in Ada technology for real-time systems, and provides product support for GNAT Ada '95 comipilers based on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows '95 platforms. Consulting and custom programming services are also available.

Learning Tree International
1805 Library Street
Reston, Va 22090
Booth #407
Learning Tree International, the world's leading provider of advanced information technology training, offers a curriculum of over 90 courses in all phases of information technology and 17 Professional Certification Programs. Courses have been recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education, and can apply toward professional certification from the ICCP. Courses are offered at 15 locations worldwide or as on-site at any location.

Mark V Systems
16400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 300
Encinco, CA 91436-2123
Booth #113
Advanced CASE Technology by Mark V Systems. Meta tools and end-user tools for popular object oriented methods: ADARTS, Booch, Buhr, Coad, Colbert, Firesmith, FUSION, HAREL, JACOBSON, Rumbaugh, Shlaer/Mellor, WIRFS-BROCK.

McCabe & Associates, Inc.
5501 Twin Knolls Road, Suite 111
Columbia, MD 21045
Booth #328
The McCabe Visual ToolSet for Ada is for rigorous software testing and is characterized as highly interactive and visually guided. Statistically, the tools generate complexity metrics and test cases for coded modules. Dynamically, the tools report the degree of testedness after test execution. The McCabe VTT for Ada offers outstanding visualization and metrics analysis.

Navcomtelsta San Diego
Box 357056
San Diego, CA 92019
Booth #302
Demonstration of an Ada application written for DOS and Windows NT, simultaneously running on an NT platform; Ada software application designed to support Naval AFLOAT (shipboard environment) DOS systems entitled "AFLOAT PROFORMA"; Ada software application designed to support NAVCOMPARS II, written in Ada using Secured ORACLE database; promotional booth highlighting Ada usage in academia and source for providing Ada software and tools.

Objective Interface Systems
1895 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 22091
Booth #109
Objective Interface Systems develops and markets software tools that integrate Ada applications with industry standards such as CORBA, OLE 2.0 and Motif. Stop by to see our OLE/CORBA connectivity demonstration.

OC Systems
9990 Lee Highway, Suite 270
Fairfax, VA 22031
Booth #412
OC Systems (OCS) provides the best software development and support environment for PowerPC and RS/6000 platforms. Running under AIX and LynxOS, OCS' Power Ada includes Ada 95, CORBA/SOM/IDL, and awesome software tools.

R. R. Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 1512
Madison, WI 53701-1512
Booth #402
R. R. Software is the leader in Ada 95 compilers for the Intel PC. Packages available for Windows NT, Windows 95, UNIX and DOS Extender. Come by for demos and more.

Rational Software Corporation
2800 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0951
Booth #104
Rational Software Corporation provides solutions to ensure the success of customers in developing and maintaining complex software systems that are strategically important to their businesses. Our solution consists of an integrated suite of tools, training, consulting and support services.

Reuse Information Clearinghouse
P. O. Box 1068
Falls Church, VA 22041
Booth #403
Computer professionals interested in learning about the latest trends in software reuse can count on the Reuse Information Clearinghouse (ReuseIC) as a one-stop source for free information. Sponsorsed by the Department of Defense's Software Reuse Initiative (SRI) the ReuseIC is uniquely positioned to bring you the latest information about reuse from an organization dedicated to institutionalizing the practice of software reuse.

1350 Earl L. Core Road
Morgantown, WV 26505
Booth #426
SAIC/ASSET offers products and services in digital library support, electronic commerce, and software engineering with an emphasis on reengineering, reuse, and product brokering.

Silicon Graphics
2011 W. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94039
Booth #112
Silicon Graphics Ada95 compiler and ProDev WorkShop tool set provide an integrated Ada development environment that makes it faster and easier for programming teams to deliver solutions. Integration with realtime, user-interface, and graphics solutions will be demonstrated.

Software Compositions
321 Ocean Avenue, Suite 6
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
Booth #236
Provider of Ada software quality improvement and Ada 95 transition tools and services. Developer of the Re-engineering Mentor and Ada 95 Transition Aid tools. Services available to support the entire software life cycle, including maintenance and reuse processes.

Software Systems Design, Inc.
3627 Padua Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
Booth #135
Ada/95 graphical design and reverse engineering tools; Ada, C, FORTRAN CASE tools for design documentation, testing, reverse engineering and quality analysis.

Statistica, Inc.
12200 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 22091
Booth #425

Strictly Business
611 Third Ave.
Huntington, WV 25720
Booth #427
Strictly Business is dedicated to lowering software development costs by creating an environment in which our Ada, C++, Object Oriented and Reuse Specialists can efficiently apply sound software engineering principles in the development of systems for aerospace, defense and commercial clients nationwide.

Sybase, Inc.
6550 Rock Spring Drive, Suite 800
Bethesda, MD 20817
Booth #109
Sybase innovations include the first client/server relational database management system (RDBMS), the first open interface that allows your system to include virtually any development tool, application, and data source; the first high-performance, transparent gateway; and the first replication technology to distribute data throughout the enterprise. Today, Sybase continues its commitment to innovation to serve the needs of the Federal market.

Tartan, Inc.
300 Oxford Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146
Booth #117
Tartan, Inc. develops, markets, and supports optimizing cross-compilation systems and related software tools for developers of real-time, embedded applications. Tartan offers Ada development systems for: TI's C3x and C40 digital signal processors, Intel's i960 MC and MX RISC processors, Motorola's 68xxx processors and the MIL-STD-1750A.

The George Washington University
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science
Washington, DC 20052
Booth #327
GNAT and other compilers and educational software for using Ada in college and university teaching environments.

Thomson Software Products
10251 Vista Sorrento Park
San Diego, CA 92121
Booth #212
Thomson Software Products will preview their new Ada 95 development environment, ObjectAda 7.0. Additional demonstrations include the latest release of ActivAda, the critically acclaimed Ada development tool for Windows, Windows 95 and NT, PerfoRMAx for guaranteed real-time performance, TeleUSE/Ada for development of OSF/Motif GUIs that generate Ada code, and the newest PowerPC 604 Cross environment.

TLD Ada Compiler Systems
3625 Del Amo Blvd., Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90503
Booth #132
TLD's Ada and JOVIAL Compiler Systems provide a comprehensive capability that address key requirements expressed by users to support Ada software development for real-time systems. TLDacs includes essential Ada Programming Support Environment (APSE) components for cross development and native applications. TLD's products include both 16-and 32-bit microprocessor development tools. Our Ada Compiler Systems support a variety of popular host computers to provide a compatible Ada development environment across many vendor's host computers and workstations. The systems are designed and implemented as "production quality" products ensuring that the needs of real-time, embedded developers are met. TLD Systems can provide customers consulting, product, and development support when migrating from legacy J73 through Ada 83 to Ada 95.

Top Graph'X
10 Allee de la Mare Jacob
91290 La Norville, France
Booth #419
TopGraph'X has developed full Ada implementations of MII XPib/Toolkit and OSF/Motif widget set. An Ada 95 implementation of Fresco is soon available with CORBA tools. Motif library can be used with popular GUI builders as TeleUSE, UNIX IGS/BX.

1800 Glenn Curtiss Street
Carson, CA, 90746
Booth #126
TRW UNAS for Ada Product. TRW UNAS for Ada is a middleware product for rapidly developing object-oriented distributed applications. Through TRW's proven communications technology, UNAS for Ada makes the vision of simple interoperability between diverse computing environments a reality, linking large distributed networks worldwide. UNAS for Ada's powerful support environment truly simplifies the most complex aspects of distributed systems and results in reliable, flexible, portable, and scalable systems.

Vector Software, Inc.
1130 Ten Rod Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Booth #405
AdaCAST is a compiler and platform specific automated test tool geared toward unit level test. AdaCAST offers you automatic test code generation (stubs and drivers), interactive test case construction, automated test case execution and report generation.