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Terry's Photo Our world is shrinking. The other side of the globe is virtually no time away across the net. Information flow and access cross boundaries that leave our political and financial structures in a whirl to catch up. Distributed participants (from next door, across the country, or across the world) are developing applications fielded on various platforms -- this is what Ada is designed to support. Ada helps teams of people, more easily engineer reliable high quality products for implementation on multiple platforms, in a universal language that can surface incompatibilities right up front and aid seamless integration.

TRI-Ada's theme this year, Ada's Role in Global Markets: Solutions for a Changing Complex World, is clearly demonstrated through the outstanding program our committee members have designed and coordinated from around the globe. Many exciting submissions were received in response to our calls for participation and, fully one-third of this year's accepted papers came from authors outside of the United States.

Those who have attended past TRI-Ada conferences will notice several changes -- many in direct response to your requests, such as our introduction of Workshops. We have solicited your views and worked closely with organizers of other conferences prototyping new approaches. This program is designed to balance the needs of the existing community as we reach outward into new spheres.

Provocative speakers keynote TRI-Ada '95 and begin each day with discussion of fundamental issues impacting our community and future direction. John Mashey, Director of R&D for Silicon Graphics, will present our conference keynote address. Our daily plenary sessions feature Richard Stallman, of the Free Software Foundation, John Barnes, author of Programming in Ada, and Peter Coffee of PC Week Labs.

This is a pivotal year for Ada with the advent of Ada 95. Years of hard work were invested in the update of Ada 83 and the underlying support structure. These efforts have paid off with the publication of Ada 95, the first internationally standardized object-oriented language for engineering software. Come hear about the latest initiatives and strategy to launch Ada 95.

Bob Mathis, Executive Director of the Ada Resource Association, has offered to bring his first press run copy of the approved ISO/IEC 8652:1995 standard for Ada to TRI-Ada '95 for attendees to autograph. He plans to donate it to the Computer Museum in Boston, Massachusetts to reside there with his similarly autographed copy of the 1983 standard. Said Bob, "So many people in the Ada community have had a role in the revision, I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to add their final note to this copy."

This Advance Program provides you the details on our exciting Keynote and Plenary Terry's Signature Speakers, our outstanding Tutorials, Technical Program, Workshops, Vendor Exposition, and Social Events -- all with the fun of Disneyland just a monorail ride away. Please review what TRI-Ada 95 has to offer.

I would like you to join us and look forward to meeting you in Anaheim. TRI-Ada '95 Conference Chair

Ada's Role in Global Markets:

he TRI-Ada '95 Conference and Exposition brings you critical systems solutions from around the world. Ada has been used to develop literally hundreds of millions of lines of code, in some of the most complex, large-scale systems ever fielded. TRI-Ada '95 offers you management and in-depth technical sessions plus access to the key people and products to leverage this experience for your organization.

The term, "critical system" has historically referred to computer systems that were safety and/or life-critical. In today's highly-competitive global marketplace, a critical system is also one that a business or organization primarily depends on for its very survival and prosperity. All critical systems are, in turn, totally dependent on high-quality, reliable, cost-effective software for their functionality and robustness. Software is literally the lifeblood of modern critical software systems -- systems vital to every business and organization in the international business and government communities.

Ada was developed explicitly to support the design, production, and maintenance of critical systems. Ada enables the sound engineering of critical software applications, including highly desired features, such as reuse, portability, distributed systems, and object-oriented applications. The "new" Ada standard, Ada 95, offers unprecedented power, flexibility, and features for solving the challenges of modern software systems. As a well-designed and broadly supported international standard, Ada offers long-term stability and superior software solutions for global applications.

The TRI-Ada '95 conference focuses on the broad range of application domains where Ada has been used in commercial, government, military, and advanced research projects. Our Exposition provides you with access to the largest international assemblage of Ada-related services, products and their developers. Come join us in Anaheim to explore how Ada can provide significant benefits to you and your organization.

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