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updated: 2 November 1995

EVERYTHING! It's the final program. OK, calm down.
Specifically, we've added maps of the hotel's floor plan. We thought this would be a nice touch for speakers and attendees alike.

There have been several other changes. Stephane Barbey, Magnus Kempe, and Alfred Strohmeier's tutorial on Advanced Object-Oriented Features and Programming in Ada 95 is so popular that it will be offered twice. A second session has been added on Sunday.

A really cool sounding panel, Choices in Object-Oriented Languages is new.

The folks at the Rational/Digital Alliance are sponsoring a hip affair on Wednesday night, TRI-Ada's Kicks on Route 66. Gee, there was a lot of other stuff added, so why don't you surf the entire Web site again ;)
John Landwehr of NeXT Corporation has accepted an invitation to speak at the tutorial, S14 Information is Power: Current and Future Directions on the World Wide Web, Sunday Afternoon from 1:30 - 5:00 pm.
Mr. Landwehr will discuss how object oriented technology has enabled NeXT Corporation to quickly adapt their product line to the World Wide Web. Perhaps attendees can convince Mr. Landwehr to use Ada to develop NeXT Corporation's Web Objects.

Maps of Anaheim and greater Southern California have been provided.

You can now read a copy of the recentemail from ASD/C3I Emmett Paige, Jr. that gives his impressions of the TRI-Ada 95 advance program. DoD personnel and contractors may find this of special interest.
Updated Information on Panel: Software Engineering as a Profession.
Trends and developments that are turning software engineering into a true profession. J. Diaz-Herrera, Software Engineering Institute
The late regitration date has been extended to 18 October 1995.
To register print out a registration form , fill it out, and fax it in.
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