TRI-Ada '95 Workshops

In response to your requests, TRI-Ada '95 introduces a new conference segment--WORKSHOPS. These half-day focused sessions, held during the main Technical Program portion of the conference, offer a limited number of attendees the opportunity for in-depth exploration of issues in a given domain. Participation in the workshops is open only to registered attendees of the Conference, based on submission and acceptance of a position statement as described in the prerequisites for each workshop.

Position statements should be 1-2 pages in length, and be sent to the TRI-Ada '95 Workshop Chair for receipt no later than October 10, 1995 (the Advance Registra-tion cut-off date). Notification of acceptance will be sent by October 24. E-mail submissions are strongly encouraged, fax is an acceptable alternative, and mail submissions will be accepted too. Notifications will generally be made by e-mail or fax. Please make sure that your submission includes all necessary contact information.

Send position statements to:

Judy Kerner, TRI-Ada '95 Workshop Chair
Phone: 310-336-3131 Fax: 310-336-3442
The Aerospace Corporation
POB 92957 MS M8/117
Los Angeles, CA 90009

W1 Reuse Maintenance Issues
Organizer: Dr. Harry Joiner, System Resources Corporation
Tu 8:30-10:00AM and 2:00-6:00PM
- Cerritos
The workshop will draw on the experience and expertise of the participants to define appropriate strategies for maintenance of reusable software assets and systems created with those assets. Prerequisites: Position statement should identify participant's relevant experience and the most critical issue(s) for the lifecycle success of reusable assets and systems developed with them.

W2 Ada 95 Design Style Guide
Organizer: Philippe Kruchten, Rational Software Corporation, Vancouver
Tu 2:00-6:00PM
- Yorba
This workshop will collectively outline the contents of an "Ada 95 design style guide", identify the critical sections of such a style guide, and offer to the Ada community a palette of design guidelines for some of these critical items. Prerequisites: Position statement should identify one or more issues and propose some design or coding guidelines, preferably dealing with Ada 95 features.

W3 How to Use RMA Analysis Framework to Solve Real-time Problems
Organizers: Peter Kortmann, Geoff Mendal, Tri-Pacific Consulting Corporation, Doug Arndt, Introspect
Tu 2:00-6:00PM - Avalon
Participants will share share thoughts and experiences on the use of Rate Mono-tonic Analysis (RMA) in a soft or hard real-time environment. Prerequisites: Participants should have been exposed to RMA previously or have experience with problems which require analysis of scheduling criteria similar to RMA. Position statement should identify relevant problems or issues and include a question to be discussed during the workshop.

W4 Teaching Computer Science Concepts with Ada
Organizer: S. Ron Oliver, Computer Engineering, Cal Poly SLO
We 8:30AM-12:30PM - Yorba
Participants will discuss and clarify issues relating to the use of Ada to teach computer science concepts (vs. programing concepts). Prerequisites: Participants may include academics and industrial educators who wish to develop an effective course in using Ada to teach computer science concepts. Position statement should describe applicant's role and identify issue(s) of interest to them.

W5 Future of Software Engineering Standards for Critical Systems
Organizer: Leonard L. Tripp, Boeing Commercial Airplane
We 8:30AM-12:30PM - Cerritos
Work with the chair of the US Technical Advisory Group to the ISO/IEC committee on software engineering standards to establish user needs and priorities for voluntary consensus standards for application to the engineering, development, or maintenance of software for use in critical systems. Prerequisites: Position statement should identify issues relating to the use of voluntary consensus standards for software engineering.

W6 Contracting Under MIL-STD-498
Organizer: Mike Evans, C&C Associates
Th 8:30AM-12:30PM
- Yorba
This workshop will address unique contracting problems and issues resulting from use of MIL-STD-498. MIL-STD-498 activities will be identified which raise an issue; options and alternatives to deal with each issue will be discussed. Prerequisites: Familiarity with Government acquisition issues - position statement should identify some concerns to address. (Basic familiarity with MIL-STD-498 is assumed - tutorial attendance OK.)

Your Position Statements are due no later than October 10, 1995, and please remember to register for those workshops you wish to attend on page 18.

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