Ada95: The Language for a Complex World

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Learn Ada from the award-winning wikibook HERE!

Free, downloadable, Ada textbooks for experienced developers!

Ada Distilled, by Richard Riehle
Download the book HERE; get all the source programs HERE.

Ada for Software Engineers
Mordechai (Moti) Ben-Ari
Winner of the 2004 ACM SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computer Science Education.
Download the book HERE.

For many years, this site has served a useful purpose in consolidating much dispersed information about the Ada programming language.

This site is now overtaken by events, and we are winding it down. There are now several actively-maintained sites that do this job commendably, and we are pleased to direct you there for further information:

  • Ada Information Clearinghouse -- general information site sponsored by Ada compiler and tool vendors

  • ACM Special Interest Group on Ada -- general information site sponsored by the primary Ada-related professional association

  • Ada Power -- programmer-oriented site with a wealth of information and source code distributions)

  • comp.lang.ada -- usenet discussion group available via Google groups and other sources)

  • -- free software and open-source development with Ada; download the GNAT compiler and toolset here

  • Who's Using Ada? -- list of all real-world projects known -- or reliably rumored -- to be (at least partially) powered by the Ada programming language

Thank you for your interest and your loyalty!

Michael Feldman
Professor Emeritus, The George Washington University

Last updated: October 8, 2011.