Dear SIGAda Members:

It is a great pleasure to have a special issue of Ada Letters for the Proceedings of the Exception Handling Workshop for a 21st Century Programming Language. This Workshop was held in conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe 2001) in Leuven, Belgium in May 2001. It provided an in-depth look at how Ada exception handling is performed and how it might be improved for future revisions of the Ada Language Standard. I had the honor of participating in this important workshop and would like to specially thank the Exception Workshop Co-Chairs Alexander Romanovsky, Alfred Strohmeier, and Andy Wellings for conducting an excellent and highly productive workshop.

The ACM SIGAda election process is complete and SIGAda now has a new slate of officers. I would like to introduce the new members of the SIGAda Executive Committee to you. The new officers are:


Currie Colket
The MITRE Corporation &


John W. McCormick
University of Northern Iowa

Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences:

David F. Harrison
Logicon Technology Solutions

International Representative:

Jean-Pierre Rosen

Vice Chair for Liaison:

Ann Brandon
Onyons, Inc.

Past Chair:

Ben Brosgol
Ada Core Technologies |


Clyde Roby
Institute for Defense Analyses


Each of the new officers is well known in the Ada community. Please contact any of us if you can think of ways that SIGAda can serve your needs better. The term of office is from 1 July 2001 until 30 June 2003, so by the time you read this, each of us should be somewhat knowledgeable in our new role. Yes, a new slate implies that there was an old slate. The old slate did an outstanding job running SIGAda. They have kept SIGAda alive and strong and a viable asset to the Ada Community. During the last 4 years, there was some question as to whether this would be possible. We owe them all a debt of appreciation for their hard work in leaving us an excellent legacy. A very special thanks to Ben Brosgol (Chair), Currie Colket (Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences), Ron Oliver (Vice Chair for Liaison), Bard Crawford (Treasurer), John McCormick (Secretary), Karlotto Mangold (International Representative), and Hal Hart (Past Chair) for excellent service to the SIGAda community over the last 4 years.

The Ada-Europe 2001 conference was also exceptional! There were special tracks on Program Analysis, Distributed Systems, Software Process & Productivity, Real-Time Systems & Real-Time Kernels, Dependable Systems, APIs and Components, Language & Patterns, UML & XML Standard Formats, System Evolution, and many Vendor Presentations. Pascal Héraud of CANAL+ Technologies gave a very impressive presentation. This company is the largest Pay TV corporation in Europe, having 14,000,000 subscribers. It is using Ada95 to support over 9 million digital set top boxes in 10 countries. One of the important reasons for selecting Ada95 was because the system had to be highly reliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Any system failure would result in significant loss of revenue. Another important reason for selecting Ada95 was the short develop cycle (i.e., short debug time) afforded by the rigorous checking of the Ada95 compiler. He viewed the most useful features in Ada95 as Controlled Types, Tagged Types, Hierarchical Name Space (i.e., Child Packages), and Protected Objects. He viewed as very nice Ada95features as: Package Interfaces (i.e., Annex B), Elaboration Control, Modular Types, and Readable <out> parameters, and the Use Type Clause. Our congratulations to Karel De Vlaminck, the Conference Chair, Dirk Craeynest & Alfred Strohmeier the Program Co-chairs, and the members of the conference committee/advisory board for a very successful conference. The proceedings are on-line and are available at:

I especially invite you to come to the SIGAda 2001 Conference from 30 September - 4 October 2001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This conference promises to be extremely valuable to you from a technology perspective and exciting as well. We will have special keynote presentations by Dr. Robert Dewar (Ada Core Technologies), Prof. Martin Carlisle (U.S. Air Force Academy), and S. Tucker Taft (AverCom Corporation). Attend SIGAda 2001 to discover: why "Ada Finds New Life in Commercial Application and Legacy Upgrades." COTS Journal, Volume 3, Number 5, May2001 and the late-breaking news on the features that are being considered for the next version of Ada, and how they will affect your use of the language. The conference will be held at the Thunderbird Hotel, which is in Indian country and has a strong Western/American Indian theme. For more information, please surf to the SIGAda 2001 Conference URL at:

Ada-Europe and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 WG9 have some new faces. After many years of excellent leadership, John Barnes is stepping down. Erhard Ploedereder is the new president of Ada-Europe. Erhard has transferred his role as Chair of the WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) to Pascal Leroy. I am looking forward to a special panel at SIGAda 2001 that will be chaired by Erhard on the Making of ISO/IEC 8652: Ada 2005. Panelists will include Joyce Tokar (DDC-I; Head of the US Delegation, ANSI Technical Advisory Group), Randy Brukardt (RR Software; WG9 ARG Editor), Pascal Leroy (Rational Software; Chair of WG9 ARG); and S. Tucker Taft (AverCom; Chief Designer of Ada95).

I would especially like to thank you for the trust and faith you placed in new officers you have elected. The outgoing officers have left us with many challenges, but also with a future more promising than one that might have been anticipated a few years ago. I look forward to working with each of you over the next 2 years. Again, if there is anything you can think of to make SIGAda more valuable to you and the Ada community, please contact us and we shall work together to make SIGAda a more valuable resource to all.


Currie Colket

Chair, SIGAda &