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25 January 2002

Dear SIGAda Members:

The last issue of Ada Letters contained the proceedings of SIGAda 2001, which was held in Bloomington, Minnesota from 30 September to 4 October 2001. The issue represented the program as it was printed many weeks before the conference. Consequently the proceedings didn't capture some of the important changes to SIGAda 2001 caused by the events of 11 September 2001. Some of the important changes included:

A very special thank you to Jean-Pierre Rosen, Scott Edgerton, Peter Amey, Robert Lockwood, Bill Rusinak, David Glessner, Elizabeth Theesfeld, and all the original presenters who helped make SIGAda 2001 successful from a technical perspective. SIGAda 2001 turned out to be an excellent conference. We were charged up from the beginning, almost in defiance to Osama Bin Laden, who seriously threatened the very existence of SIGAda 2001. We had a brave and loyal set of attendees who came to be challenged and were with many technically significant papers. Scott Edgerton's Keynote Address on: Architecture-based Software Development on the Crusader Program provided a very positive approach to the way the Army is using Ada for a major new software engineering development. The use of patterns for the architecture was very impressive and a real eye-opener for me. This strong start of the conference was followed up with many high-quality papers that will be of value to all of us. Of particular mention was the only paper by a student, Lieutenant Kenneth L. Ehresman, who not only brought a breath of fresh air to our conference, but is also causing Admirals and Navy contractors to take a new look at Ada. His paper titled, Electronic Maneuvering Board and Dead Reckoning Tracer Decisions Aid for the Officer of the Deck, has the potential of saving the Navy tens of millions of dollars using the unique capabilities of Ada.

Of particular interest to all of us, Dr. Erhard Ploedereder, the past Chair of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group (and current President of Ada-Europe) chaired a Panel on Ada05. Ada05 will not be a major language revision as Ada95 had been. Instead it will be characterized by standardized language bindings, new annexes, and several minor language revisions. Most viewed this as excellent news. Erhard would like to remind us that Ada-Europe will be in Vienna, Austria from 17-21 June. See:

I would like to thank Paul Stachour and the SIGAda 2001 Conference Committee for putting on this conference. Your hard work has really been a great benefit to all of us in the Ada community. We really appreciate your dedication, effort, and capability to respond dynamically to changes forced on us by the events of September 11. I especially thank all of you who were able to fight your organizations' obstacles raised by the terrorist attacks to come to SIGAda 2001. I feel the conference was a tremendous technical success and hope you do as well. I would also like to thank Ann Brandon, the Editor in Chief of Ada WOW, for enabling Hal Hart to walk the hall shouting "Ada WOW, Read All About It!" This record of SIGAda 2001 will be a fine memory for all of us and I would like to thank the many whom contributed to making Ada WOW a success.

I hope each of you were able to find new aspects of Ada that you will be able to use when you get back to your job and establish new contacts that will help you solve the challenges that are facing you. If you did, I hope you will want to tell other folks about the value of the SIGAda Conference. I hope you will want to get involved with the SIGAda community in advancing our technology through our local chapters, our working groups, and our Ada Letters. Some of our local chapter and working groups need a jump-start and you could be the catalyst to make them viable again. We are planning for our next conference to be at Clear Lake, Texas from 8-12 December 2002, pending approval by ACM. The venue will be right across the way from the NASA Space Center. If you would like to be part of the organization that puts it on, please let me know at I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Sincerely yours,

Currie Colket
Chair ACM SIGAda