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Ada Bindings Working Group (ABWG)

Stimulates member interactions with bindings-development efforts, and will develop and disseminate a general process for more effective approaches for identifying and developing needed bindings.

ABWG's mission is:

To identify and disseminate issues and recommendations for the creation of Ada bindings to software systems.

Goals include the standardization and publication of package specifications (with commercial vendors supplying bodies to those specifications).

The ABWG archive of products:

For more information on the ABWG contact ABWG's chairman:

Bill Loftus
WPL Laboratories
Whitehall Offices, Suite 6
410 Lancaster Ave.
Haverford, PA 19041
Phone: (610) 658-2362
FAX: (610) 658-2361

ABWG Mailing List

To have your email address added to ABWG's electronic forum, send an email message to:


with the following information:

Company address (on as many lines as necessary)
Phone Number
FAX Number
E-mail address(es)
World Wide Web URL
Subgroup interest(s), if any
Mailing address, if different from Company address

You will then be added to the ABWG discussion list.

General ABWG Information


The SIGAda Ada Bindings Working Group (ABWG) maintains an electronic mail forum for all announcements of ABWG meetings, general ABWG discussion topics, and general discussions on Ada bindings.

Subgroups address special interest areas within ABWG. The areas include: common Graphics User Interfaces (GUIs), Microsoft Windows, Object Management Group's Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), and the Compartmental Mode Workstation.

Common Graphical User Interfaces Subgroup

Discussions about Ada bindings to common graphic user interfaces; the subgroup chairman is:

Robert C. Leif
Phone: (305) 661-9048
Email: RLeif@RLeif.Com

"Ada 95, The Language Speaks for Itself"

An article has been published in Object Magazine by R. C. Leif, T. Moran, and R. Brukardt, "Ada 95, The Language Speaks for Itself". Unfortunately, Sigs owns the copyright. Therefore, this entire document can NOT be posted on the ABWG web site. You may request a copy from Robert Leif. The full reference is:

R. C. Leif, T. Moran, and R. Brukardt, "Ada 95, The Language Speaks for Itself", Object Magazine, Implementation Languages, 7 (3) pp. 32-39, May (1997).

Microsoft Windows Subgroup

Discussions about Ada bindings to Microsoft Windows; the subgroup chairman is:

Steven V. Case
ViA, Inc.
Email: S.Case@IEEE.Org

OMG/CORBA Subgroup

The Object Management Group (OMG) subgroup (ABWG-OMG) has the specific charter to identify and disseminate issues and recommendations for the creation of Ada bindings to the OMG Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). More detailed information on Ada and OMG and CORBA can be found by following the link.

The subgroup chairman is:

Victor Giddings
Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
1892 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191-5448
Phone: (703) 295-6500
FAX : (703) 295-6501
Email: VTG@OIS.Com

Compartmental Mode Workstation Subgroup

Discussions about Ada bindings to the Compartmental Mode Workstation (CMW); the subgroup chairman position is currently open.

Ada package specifications, a paper in PostScript format, and other items of interest are available in the CMW Archive.

News about an IEEE Bindings Working Group

In October 1994 IEEE Portable Applications Standards Committee received approval from PASC to form a working group to define an Ada binding to XTI; in January 1995, the IEEE PASC received approval for an Ada binding to Sockets. These interfaces will provide the same functionality as the C interfaces, but will incorporate encapsulation, information hiding, and other features available in Ada. More detailed information is available.

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