Artificial Intelligence Working Group (AIWG)

Artificial Intelligence Working Group Charter

Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera (SEI), chair

Janet F. Johns (MITRE Corp.), vice-chair

Aims and Objectives

Typically, AI languages are higher-level than more traditional languages for embedded systems such as Ada, but they are lacking in several areas. Currently, LISP (and its many derivatives) is the language of choice among DoD Artificial Intelligence implementers, its continued use may retard the expected benefits and widesp read use of Ada.

The purpose of this working group is to respond to the issues brought about by the interaction between Artificial Intelligence and Ada. It encompasses primarily the use of the Ada language and software engineering approaches to the development of AI systems to identify specific requirements from AI community and collect and disseminate information in the subject area, such as:

Long Term Goals


Membership of the AIWG is open to all persons who address any of the officers in writing expressing their wishes to join the group, after which they will be added to the membership list. This list becomes the mailing list of the group. Members are encouraged to be active participants in the group activities, but they do ha ve formal duties.

We need your support become an ACTIVE member, come to our summer meeting.

For Information on the AIWG contact:

Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera
Software Engineering Institute, MSE Program
Carnegie Mellon University
4500 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburg, PA 15213-3890

Copies of the 1994 Summer SIGAda AIWG Workshop Proceedings are now available. To obtain a copy of the proceedings, please contact the AIWG Vice-Chair at the following address:

Janet Faye Johns
ACM SIGAda Vice-Chair
MITRE Corporation
Mailstop K203
202 Burlington Road
Bedford, MA 01730
phone: 617-271-8206
FAX: 617-271-2753