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Ada Application Programming Interfaces (API) Working Group (APIWG)

Please visit the APIWG web site at our temporary home.

Historical information below ...

Stimulates member interactions with development efforts for Ada Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and may develop and disseminate a general process for more effective approaches for identifying and developing needed APIs.

APIWG's mission is:

To identify and disseminate issues and recommendations for the development and maintenance of Ada APIs.

APIWG has a DRAFT Charter and DRAFT Procedures and DRAFT Permissions

For more information on the APIWG contact the chair:

Geoff Smith
IBM Rational Software
15300 SW Koll Parkway
Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: (503) 578-3571
FAX: (503) 578-3571
Email: GSmith@US.IBM.Com

General APIWG Information


There have been a couple of presentations about APIs and APIWG:

APIWG's Subgroups

Subgroups address areas of special interest areas within APIWG. The areas identified include:

APIWG's Mailing List: SIGAda-APIWG@ACM.Org

The SIGAda Ada Applications Programming Interfaces (API) Working Group (APIWG) maintains an electronic email forum for all announcements of APIWG meetings, general APIWG discussion topics, and general discussions on Ada APIs.

To have your email address added to APIWG's electronic forum, send an email message to:

with the following information:
Company address (on as many lines as necessary)
Phone Number
FAX Number
E-mail address(es)
World Wide Web URL
Mailing address, if different from Company address
You will then be added to the APIWG discussion list.

Important Disclaimer

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