Performance Issues Working Group (PIWG)

Deactivated November 1997


The PIWG's goal is to support performance assessment technology for Ada compilation and execution systems. The original path to achieving this goal was the largely unfunded creation of a set of benchmark tests for Ada 83. As the Ada 95 specification began to take shape, the PIWG turned its attention to supporting the Ada Compiler Evaluation System (ACES). For a synopsis of the PIWG's change of direction, see History below. For further information, you may send e-mail to the PIWG chair, Phil Brashear at

During the 1980s and early 1990s, PIWG members created and distributed what became known as the PIWG test suite . Since it contains only Ada 83 tests, the PIWG test suite is somewhat obsolete and may be deleted from this host.

The PIWG now operates as an advisory group for the Ada Compiler Evaluation System (ACES) , especially for the extension of the ACES to cover Ada 95. The first version of the ACES to contain any Ada 95 tests was released in early 1995.


Since 1992, the PIWG has jointly sponsored (with the Air Force office responsible for maintenance of the ACES) two Ada 9X Performance Measurement Workshops. During these two workshops, preliminary ACES test objectives for Ada 95 features were developed. At subsequent meetings, the PIWG membership agreed that continuing development of the PIWG test suite was not in the best interests of the Ada community. Instead, the membership agreed that the most helpful role of the group would be as an advisory group to the ACES effort. The then-current chair, Daniel Roy, recommended that the ACES maintenance contractor representative, Phil Brashear, be named as PIWG chair. This recommendation was ratified by the membership and the SIGAda Executive Committee in 1994.

In support of the PIWG's new role, a mailing list was created that could be used to facilitate e-mail discussions of ACES issues. Mail sent to will be redistributed to the entire mail-list. To be added to the list, send a request to Phil Brashear at

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