The Reuse Working Group (ReuseWG) of SIGAda is organized to provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding the technical, legal, managerial, cultural and education aspects of software reuse and to actively promote software reuse within the Ada community.

OBJECTIVES (12-18 months):

The near-term objectives of the ReuseWG are to collect, produce and disseminate information regarding reuse through the following products and activities:
a. List server
b. Catalogues and bibliographies
c. Workshops and their related products
d. Reports and white papers
e. Handbooks and guidelines
f. Education and training materials, success stories, and speakers for educational groups

The ReuseWG will serve as a focal point for reuse information and promotion within SIGAda and the Ada community. The ReuseWG will reach out to the Department of Defense technical issues working groups to provide any assistance desired. The ReuseWG will reach out to provide assistance to educational institutions with the implementation of reuse training programs.


The officers of the ReuseWG shall consist of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson/Secretary. The officers shall be elected by the members present at the ReuseWG meeting at TRI-Ada in every odd numbered year and serve (subject to the approval of the President of SIGAda) until the election of their successor. Chairpersons for committees and working subgroups shall be appointed by the ReuseWG Chairperson. Membership is open to all who are interested in software reuse.


Meetings: Full working Group meetings shall be held at the Summer SIGAda Meeting and the TRI-Ada Conference each year. Other meetings may be scheduled for subgroups or the full working group as needed to accomplish the goals and objectives of the ReuseWG.

Workshops: The ReuseWG should have at least one workshop each year to address focused topics or support the work of the subgroups. The proceedings shall be reported to the ReuseWG and, where appropriate, products of the workshop shall be distributed more widely in order to promote a better understanding and greater use of software reuse.

Documents: All documents released by the ReuseWG shall be available for review by the group and aproved by the ReuseWG Chair prior to publication.


Funding will be secured from SIGAda for the Workshops, Meeting Support, and Document Publication as required to support the activities of the ReuseWG.

Officers Elected (1995-96):
Chairman - Dr. Harry Joiner, System Resources Corporation
Vice Chairman/Secretary - Roy Bell, Magnavox Electronic System Company