PUBLIC FORUM: "The Ada Advocacy Package"
("Making the Business Case for Ada")

SIGAda, the Ada Resources Association, and the AJPO have collected and produced a variety of tailorable materials to help Ada advocates "sell" or evaluate Ada for their organization, their projects, and their customers. This "Ada Advocacy Package" contains best-of-breed ammunition that decision makers need to know about Ada, addressing technical, management, and business perspectives. It includes several categories of exemplars (briefings, quantitative productivity numbers, reports, FAQs, the Ada Success Stories, additional references and Web pointers, etc.).

This free-to-registrants public forum welcomes all potential users of and contributors to the package. The forum will: deliver the package (hardcopy and electronically in editable source) to attendees, provide orientation on high-payoff techniques for using and tailoring the materials to communicate the key messages, and conduct an abbreviated review of the package's requirements and identify improvement/extension opportunities. The completed package will receive wide distribution (esp. Internet & Web).