Thursday Evening

"The Maiden & The Mandate" with A Taste of Philadelphia

Salons G-H

On Thursday evening you will participate in a social event that promises to be a highlight of the Conference. While you sample the many cultural and ethnic foods of Philadelphia, Ada Core Technologies invites you to a musical extravaganza, The Maiden and the Mandate, a special production of the Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera, Trial By Jury.

See the Department of Defense finally getting tough on a contractor delivering code in C when it was supposed to be in Ada in clear violation of the Ada mandate ^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hpolicy. See Ada herself as the plaintiff, and the secretary of defense as the judge ensure that justice is done! With music by Sir Arthur Sullivan, and words inspired by W. S. Gilbert.

You can look forward to an evening of fun and networking with fellow professionals while you sample a diverse array of "Philly Food."

Tri-Ada '96 also concludes the ACM 50th ENIAC anniversary commemorative events in Philadelphia.